Are you looking for an online store that suits your taste, promote your brand well and grow your business? Join us. We help you to improve your store website easily and quickly, without any special skills or experience.

Important points before and after designing the store site

  • Select a domain for a store site
  • Set payments
  • Add goods
  • Testing and reviewing
  • Pay attention to SEO and analytics

The design of the store site should be with the view that in the near future it will become a money-making machine.

Select a domain for the website

Is a custom domain necessary for your website? The short answer is yes. If you want to sell a lot of different goods and create a brand, a custom domain is essential. A custom domain provides the following for your store:

  • A well-known brand that is specific to you, such as
  • An email address linked to your domain that people can contact.
  • Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Choose the right platform

This is very easy. Ideally you want a platform that is flexible and easy to use. Small business owners are reluctant to bother manually coding the website. Business owners, as well as those who set up and run a business organization, need a platform that can be easily integrated with their website.

Store Website Design

Now is the time to design a storefront. Choose a theme that reflects your brand and best showcases your products. First you can see it as a demo or preview and make the best choice.

You can add pages, goods, blogs, images, text, video, etc. to your online store. This will allow you to arouse customers’ curiosity and encourage them to buy more. Be sure to include a “About” and “Contact Us” page for potential buyers to contact you. You can also add video and text to your pages. Other important points for your online store website are:


People like to connect with real people.

Store Name

Gives credit to your business.


For branding and recognition.

Trusted payment tokens and logos

These make people feel comfortable buying from you.

You have now succeeded in designing a professional store site. Your store will be an exchange center where you sell goods to customers and communicate directly with them.

Establish payment methods

There are two key payment indicators for your web design: how customers are going to pay you and how that money is going to go to your bank account. In many cases, this means finding a third-party payment processor that acts as an intermediary. Note the following:

  • Secure payment management
  • Integrated SSL
  • Accept payment from anywhere

Add goods

Now it’s time to add the product to your online store:

  1. Choose your product type (physical, digital, service)
  2. Provide names and descriptions for your product
  3. Determine the price and quantity available for sale
  4. Provide a preview of the product by uploading a photo, audio file or video
  5. Select delivery and pricing options and specify different types of goods

You may be tempted to do this process quickly, but remember that good descriptions and clear images have proven to be effective. Be concise and thoughtful in writing advertisements and make sure that the images are appropriate.

Payment gateway test after site design

Dropping shopping carts is the scourge of online stores. Avoid them in the following ways:

  • Make sure your website, and especially your payment gateway, works on tablets and smartphones.
  • Enabling customers to purchase multiple items at a time
  • If possible, provide free delivery service, or complete transparency about shipping costs, before purchasing
  • Send emails for abandoned shopping carts to those who have left their shopping cart without final purchase.

In 2017, the Baymard Institute, after studying 37 cases of shopping cart release, concluded that the average online shopping cart release is 69.23%, which means that a significant number of shopping carts are released without shopping.

Pay attention to SEO and analysis in online store design

One of the most important things in designing your store site is search engine optimization (SEO). Use the latest SEO tips to help people find your website, products and services online. Also use analytics to track the performance of your business website.

After designing a store site, you need to upgrade it to increase your traffic and attract customers. It may seem complicated, we help you:

  • Linking your website to Facebook, which will have one of the most audiences for your products.
  • Enable sharing of your goods on social networks – a one-click process
  • Add customers to your current email marketing list so you can keep them informed of new offers

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