You must have wondered what an SSL or SSL certificate is. Why is HTTP and HTTPS displayed at the beginning of some websites? Or why is there a lock next to the URL of a site that starts with HTTPS? You’ve probably heard that “there is SSL on this website but another website does not have an SSL certificate”. Finally, you will ask yourself, what is the reason for the importance of SSL certificate? And why buy SSL certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which means the security layer that encrypts the information exchanged between the user and the server and prevents the theft of information during these connections. One of the characteristics of SSL enabled on a site is to see HTTPS at the beginning of the site address. For information on the difference between http and https, you are advised to read our special article.

What does SSL do?

In HTTPS, the letter S is derived from Secure, meaning that users’ communication over the Internet is secure. The SSL certificate secures the data transmission route through this protocol and prevents the disclosure of users’ confidential information. With this possibility, information will be available to others in the form of incomprehensible and meaningless codes and will ensure its security.

Another feature of SSL

Another feature of SSL is the lock next to the website address, which is more secure for the website and increases the trust of users when viewing your web design and online shopping.

What is the significance of an SSL certificate?

In the vast world of the Internet, where a lot of information is exchanged between users and servers on a daily basis, it is important for everyone that their personal and confidential information is not made available to hackers. It is very important that users enter information for credit information such as credit card password, email address and password, when shopping or registering online on a website. Given that today the supply of most products and services in person and through websites has become popular, it is important for users to take the necessary measures to prevent any cyber crime and information hacking.

With HTTP next to the domain name address in browsers, users’ communication with the responsive server will be in the form of unencrypted text, or Plain Text. In this case, the possibility of eavesdropping and stealing information by a third party, which is often hackers and profiteers, is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to protect users’ information on the Internet and transfer it safely between the user and the server, to obtain an SSL certificate.

What are the benefits of having an ssl certificate?

  • The desire of visitors to stop further on the site secured by the HTTPS protocol
  • Increase users’ trust in using your services and website
  • Prevent theft of website information
  • Increase the credibility of the website and give it an identity
  • Increase online sales of the site due to increased user trust
  • Get a positive SEO score and get better rankings in Google search engine results to promote the use of HTTPS instead of HTTP

Naturally, it will be possible to use these features at the highest level of security, for a fee. Of course, these costs will be justified by the benefits provided to your website. It is worth noting that some certificates are also offered for free and for a limited time. For example, Let’s Encrypt Certificate is one of the most popular free SSLs of the DV-SSL type, and it can be launched quarterly on websites host. Definitely, considering the type of certificate that will only secure the domain address, it will not have the high level of security that commercial and multi-year certificates offer.

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