In the previous section of this article, we talked about mobile behavior, Google bots, and the importance of being responsive in web design.

Today we want to tell you other parts of this article, the most important of which is the Mobilegeddon algorithm.

The latest updates to Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm

Google last updated its Mobilegeddon algorithm on April 21, 2015. The most important effect of this update is to rate and prioritize websites that display well and flexibly on smartphones and other mobile devices.

This update has affected the ranking of many websites in mobile searches. Another consequence of the Mobilegeddon update is that Google cares about websites being seen on their results page via mobile, and will be insignificant if your site is not responsive. According to Google, the mobilegeddon algorithm has been more than 40% effective in mobile search results.

However, the impact of the Panda algorithm was only about 12% and the Penguin algorithm was about 4%. So the bottom line is that responsive web design plays an important role in SEO and should not be overlooked.

The importance of mobile

According to Google, it currently receives more than 50% of its searches through mobile devices. Google itself has provided a number of tools to help webmasters to test the mobile-friendliness of their website and take action if not approved by Google.

One of the most popular of these tools is the Mobile Friendly Test page, the web address of this efficient tool is below. By entering your website address, you can see the result of whether or not your website is responsive from Google’s point of view.

This tool is mainly suitable for testing just a few web pages within your site. If you want to test your entire site, it is recommended that you log in to your Google Account with your account and fully test and analyze your site through the Google Webmaster Tools.

Using Mobile Friendly technologies

When you decide to order, implement and design a responsive site for yourself, the most important thing is to pay attention to the use of mobile friendly technologies and to be safe from the limitations of different operating systems. This way you can design your site to be compatible with all operating systems.

For example, iOS does not support flash files and some other technologies, and some technologies are incompatible with this operating system that should be considered.


Try to get a better ranking in search engine results and better SEO by using a responsive site design to provide your work, services, products and introduction, otherwise you will be low or may not be present in search engine results.

So if so far your site is normal or designed in both mobile and desktop versions (two versions of the site is very dangerous and can be penalized for duplicating content through Google) and the need for design Again, while maintaining your current position at Google, please contact Orangency for the best advice.

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