Why is responsive website design important and effective for your SEO and website optimization? Responsive web design, also known as RWD for short, involves a set of sophisticated techniques that allow you to design your website to fit any screen size. This feature allows you to easily navigate the content of your site in a form without clutter for users.

According to new search engine strategies, today, if your website design is not responsive, your efforts in search engine optimization and SEO will grow and have a negative impact.

Given Google‘s importance to mobile-friendliness for site design and consideration when SEO and ranking websites, you can not have a very successful SEO strategy without considering RWD.

The importance of responsive design

There are many other factors that play a key role in improving your site ranking among search engines, but responsive site design is the most important factor in determining your site ranking that can not be ignored. Without it, the display of links to your website in search engine results will be very faint.

In this article, we will explain the main reasons why responsive site design is important, and we hope that this article from the category of website design in Orangency will also be of interest to you.

Search engine crawlers attach great importance to responsive website design (RWD)

At the basic level, from an SEO point of view, responsive site design is very valuable because it has a single code base. With the advent of RWD technology years ago, a significant percentage of websites began building and offering two versions of their website in desktop and mobile modes. The main concern was that perhaps Google bots and other search engines would pay close attention to the simplicity and clean structure of content (which can only be found on responsive sites).

Duplicate content

So many websites started creating mobile versions of their site and unaware that google does not like duplicate content at all; As a result, Google began to give negative rankings to such websites and their rankings gradually decreased.

Crawling time

Another parameter that is important for search bots is the time it takes to crawl web pages. Having multiple versions of your site requires more time for search engine crawlers to browse each page of your site. Meanwhile, the world’s most important search engine, Google, slowly reduced the ranking of sites where its robots crawled a long time.

Unique content

One of the most important principles for success in SEO results is the production of unique and non-duplicate content, and since the site design is responsive based on one URL and only one source code for all desktops, laptops, tablets And mobile phones, can give you a chance to crawl search engine bots faster on the site pages and get excellent rankings from search engines.

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