We have been designing different websites for different people and professions for many years, and we have always tried to provide our services to our customers in accordance with the latest technologies in the world. Over the years, we have witnessed great changes in the sciences related to web design. Undoubtedly, the most important development in this industry in recent years is the design of mobile friendly websites. That is, designing sites that automatically adapt to smaller screens.

“In 10 countries, including the United States and Japan, Google has more mobile searches than computer searches” Google, 2015

Designing responsive and mobile-friendly sites is essential for two reasons


Internet users are hurried and bored. Users expect a complete website, and if they are browsing a mobile website that is cluttered, slows down, or needs to change the screen zoom regularly to view its contents, then They probably won’t stay on that website for long. It is important to note that if you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you are likely to lose half of your potential customers and visitors.


Google also cares a lot about this; So being mobile friendly is also important for SEO. In 2015, Google ranked mobile-friendly websites higher when searching through mobile. Five years ago, in May 2016, Google announced that it has once again increased the impact of mobile-friendly website on SEO and site position.

Today, it is not enough that your site is displayed well on mobile and tablet, but also the site should be designed so that in addition to displaying properly, it also works properly and well. In some cases, mobile users are even more important than computer users.

With Google’s free tool, you can check if your website is mobile-friendly, but we always suggest that you go even one step further and try your site on your mobile or tablet yourself.

Does being mobile-friendly mean website redesigning?

Mobile-friendly website does not necessarily mean redesigning it. Depending on how the website is designed and built, many sites can add this feature without the need to design a new site.

If you need suggestions and tips or you want to know how much it costs to make your website mobile friendly, do not hesitate and contact us. Our experts are always ready to help you.

We hope you enjoy the useful articles we provide. In the future, we will provide more practical articles for you who are interested in this field.

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