Practically, the websites that were designed and presented 5 to 10 years ago with the standards of that time, do not comply with today’s standards. This in itself leads to the obsolescence of old websites. It often happens that by reviewing old works, you have the feeling that you could use the X code or the Y script instead of the current code.
Sometimes having an outdated website can have unpleasant consequences for the customer.
One of the pleasures of freelance work (that is, not being an employee) is that if you do your job and duties in the best way, your customers will accompany you for many years. It’s great to know, they appreciate your hard work and dedication. This helps a lot in building a relationship based on trust.

Your sense of old design

After a while and reviewing your previous work, you will find that the activity of some of the sites you have designed is frustrating and needs to be redesigned. This does not mean that you have done a bad job, but that after several years and the advancement of technology and the introduction of new techniques, their website will become obsolete. Web designers themselves feel that over time, they have made great strides in their work and designs.
When it comes to website redesign, there are definitely selfish reasons for both parties (web designer and client) to do so. For both conditions, there will be better jobs, services and, of course, more revenue.

List the benefits of redesign for them

Tell your customers:

  • They can use new technologies, new features and Jquery on the site.
  • You can use the new SEO techniques of the site and increase your traffic and sales.
  • They can implement website templates to provide mobile version and other smart tools, that is, replace responsive templates with current and old templates.
  • They can use social media to increase public awareness of their brand. Of course, the items on this list can be much more than that. In fact, it is an idea to stimulate customers’ appetite to know “what they are lagging behind in today’s world.”
  • Describe the specific possibilities and the templates that you think might be useful for them. To convince most of them, you can use the examples of work that you have done recently.
  • Explain how your other customers are using new and up-to-date technologies and how this helps them expand their business.

Disadvantages of not updated sites

  • Elimination from market competition
  • Loss of mobile visitors
  • Lack of coordination of website appearance in different browsers
  • Losing the opportunity to use social media
  • Engage in penalties in SEO search engine optimization rules for using unauthorized methods
  • Waste of time and money due to updating old html codes or obsolete and unusable CMS
  • Existence of security holes due to obsolete scripts and codes used

Consider their financial budget

The customer may be excited to hear about your latest technologies and good offers, but how you present these offers to the customer is very important in accepting and rejecting it, and more importantly, for the customer, the cost of implementing this proposed project. One way to offer a quote is to convince them that the idea of ​​redesign is a reinvestment in the work. This investment is not about creating a new, more graphic look for the website, but about efficiency and how to potentially increase sales and make life easier.
Most of the customers who contact you will ask for the cost of redesigning the website. So, if you have already reviewed the website, it is better to have a draft of possible offers and its approximate form with you, so that you can present it if necessary and according to the customer’s needs.
Especially for customers who think they are ready to offer a website redesign, the best way to convince them is to save money. This applies to customers who want to redesign their website after 5 years or more.

How can customers be encouraged to redesign their website?

Planning for personal meetings may be the best way to convince customers to redesign your website. For example, a friendly invitation, when it comes to a website, you can tell them that you really believe it (redesigning the website) will benefit them.


As a webmaster, if you have free time, you should look at your old portfolio and research and study your previous work. Examine what new things and features you can add to their web design and plan a meeting with your customers.
Choose from a number of clients for whom redesign is also beneficial. After building a relationship based on trust between the parties, it is a good time for customers to listen to your honest talk about the redesign proposal.
Be confident and honest about the features and benefits you can add to the site or the promises you make. Then you will find that there are many things on your to-do list.

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