Today, the world of the Internet is available to most people in the community and is a borderless platform for advertising and promoting your brand. Having a website that informs your users about your activities and introduces your business to people is a targeted way to your brand success. Marketing experts believe that your website is the identity of your business on the Internet. Therefore, its beauty and fluidity will help increase your popularity among your customers.

What is a website?

A website is actually the location of your company or store in the virtual world and your products and services will be the content embedded in the pages of the site. Therefore, as much as you care about the showcase and appearance of your physical office, you should also consider the design of the appearance of your website. The effects that an attractive showcase can have on customer attraction are obvious to everyone. Keep in mind that these effects can be achieved in the world of internet with an attractive and eye-catching website.

Web Redesign Definition

So far, you are familiar with the role of a website in cyberspace and you know how effective and beautiful the web design is to increase your customers.

Some website owners, after spending some time managing their website, find that their customers are dissatisfied with the way they are served and their number is gradually decreasing. The reason for this is that the needs of users in the site environment are not met. In such a situation, business managers are advised to redesign their website. This process is called website redesign.

What are the signs of the need to redesign the site?

You need to find out the reason before you redesign your website!

The most important question to ask yourself right now is “Why do you need to redesign your website?

If you succeed in finding a convincing answer to this question, your chances of success will increase. In fact, you will make better decisions by finding the problem of your website, and as a result, your error rate will be significantly reduced.

But do not forget, redesigning the site is a relatively difficult and very sensitive task. Your smallest mistake can call into question your brand identity and sometimes lead to the loss of your SEO fit. That’s why we say find convincing reasons to redesign your website first to avoid potential risks and side costs. Here are the most important reasons why you need to redesign your site:

Can a website convey your brand goals and identity to the user?

As mentioned earlier, the job of the website is to introduce your business to users. If the website design is not able to easily convey your goals and values to users, it will not be effective for your success.

In other words, the design of your site should convey the most important features and characteristics of your work to the user at first glance. Because the first moments of a user entering the site are golden moments for you to succeed in making his mind curious and forcing him to browse the pages of the site. If the appearance of your site is complex, it will not succeed in attracting the user.

Are users confused in the website environment?

The website environment should be designed in such a way that users can access other parts of the site at any time and anywhere. For example, imagine you have entered a site that offers digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops of world-renowned brands. You enter the Samsung products section. After reviewing this section, you decide to see Sony products as well and then proceed to purchase. Can you easily go to the Sony products page from where you are? Or do you need to go back all the way and start searching for the category you want from the first page of the site?

The best way to find the answer to this question is to replace yourself with a customer. Enter your website from the perspective of a customer and search for your needs.

Is your website up to date?

Today’s world is experiencing rapid and continuous changes, and the Internet is not safe from these developments. Most of the technologies that were highly efficient yesterday are obsolete today and are no longer used.

It is important to know that the useful life of a website is only 2 years and then it needs to be redesigned. If your website is old and you have not updated it in recent years, be sure to redesign it in the next few months.

Is your website responsive?

As you know, most people access the Internet through their mobile phones and visit their favorite sites. Therefore, it is necessary for your website to have a design that fits the screen of mobile phones.

In previous years, websites were designed for monitor screens and desktop environments. These websites are hardly accessible via the small mobile screen. Users who use their mobile phones to browse the Internet often stay away from non-responsive sites and leave quickly.

If your website does not have a design compatible with mobile phones and tablets and is not so-called responsive, you can be sure that you will lose a high percentage of your customers.

Is your website conversion rate low?

Do you remember what made you have a dedicated website?

Most likely your answer is “Introducing products and services to customers and attracting more customers“. You know that gaining the satisfaction of old and new customers will make you more profitable.

Conversion Rate means that when a user visits your website, they do what you want them to do. This targeting can be different for each website. For example, on a website, you ask visitors to subscribe to your site’s email newsletter, or you encourage them to create an account. Maybe you want to buy your products and services or download the application you want. If users take the action you want, we say the user has become a customer. Obviously, the higher the conversion rate of a website, the higher its chances of profitability and success.

Once you have the right answers to the above questions, you can make the right decision about redesigning your website. If your site needs to be redesigned, join us in the rest of this article:

What are the problems with your website design?

Examine your website design carefully and find potential flaws based on the knowledge you have gained from your customers’ needs over the years.

For example, check your website for the number of pages, the beauty of its template and the colors used in the design, quality and size of photos and even the font used in articles and posts.

In order to be able to analyze your site well and separate all the pros and cons, you need a series of analytical tools. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console can track user behavior and provide you with useful information.

Set a precise and smart plan

After using various tools and identifying user behavior, it is time to plan a new website design. List the problems you found in the previous step in order of difficulty and start with easy and smaller activities.

Take the front page of a website, for example. This section is the first page that the user sees and is the landing page of your website. We recommend that you first fix the flaws of this page and then go to other sections such as logo design, color palette and font used on the site. The collection of these three sections is also known as branding.

Then it’s time for user access features. It is better to remove extra pages and implement menus with easier access.

Finally, rewrite the content of the pages and optimize the text and photos.

Start the process of redesigning the site

The last step is to find a professional team to entrust the redesign of the site to them. We suggest that you take this step very seriously because if you make the wrong choice, your website redesign may not work properly and you may even lose old customers.

Sometimes it happens that redesigning the site becomes very complicated, so it is better to design and implement a new site with new strategies on a separate domain, and after starting its activity and reaching an acceptable position, redirect the important pages of the previous site to it over time.

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