A professional website often consists of a group of people who each have expertise in their field to design a website that takes into account all the psychological and technical points and according to the latest designs and research in the world, which:

  • Easily found by the target audience
  • Be the most efficient for them

In fact, paying attention to easy access to the website and identifying it for search engines has become essential to ensure the success of a website today. No matter how professional your web design is, if it does not go through the SEO and site optimization processes properly and users can not find your site, it will definitely not work perfectly. In fact, SEO is the best way to increase revenue and increase your sales.

Design your site for users who get bored very quickly

In a survey, 35% of website users leave the site without doing anything on the site or entering another page. Most of the obstacles in the way of the user include: lack of sufficient information, too small text size, long and tedious texts and complicated menu structure. Therefore, in order to avoid creating these obstacles in the way of the user, you should focus on designing the site as simply as possible. Specify what the main task you want the user to do when entering your site, then focus on simplifying the way for the user to get to the site when designing the website.

Make the website as easy as possible for your potential customers. Highlight the links to the product page and make it visible to the user, allocate space for users to comment, and include the possibility of sharing your product information in the site design.

In fact, the biggest problem that can be seen in most cases of site design today is the lack of attention to the user experience (UX) and easy user access to key and important site information.

How fast is the site?

The reality of the Internet world is that if a potential customer decides to use your site and realizes that the loading speed is low, he will stop working with your company altogether and will leave his work to a bigger and faster company. Various studies have shown that if the site loads at a speed of more than 3 seconds, it will lose about 40% of its users. This will show the effect of increasing the bounce rate and decreasing the average number of users on your site.

If you design a cheap site, you will not have enough facilities to increase the speed of the site. Many ways to increase the speed of the site, such as reducing the size of files related to HTML and CSS coding, optimal Java coding, reducing the volume of content, compressing various files, reducing requests and other things are not possible if you design a cheap site. .

Low site speed not only has a direct impact on your website conversion rate but also has a negative impact on your website ranking when searching. One of the important factors of Google that is considered for website SEO is not the low speed of the website and the faster the site loads, the more points it will get.

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