We talked about Symfony enough yesterday. Every framework has its own features and Symfony is no exception to this rule. Today we are going to check out this powerful framework features. But first, let us talk briefly about this framework.

This framework is one of the most reliable PHP language frameworks and a good option for implementing web applications.

Symfony is a set of components of a PHP framework, a web application framework, a philosophy, and a community that all work together in harmony. This framework is provided for building websites and web applications. Symphony is a collection of detachable and reusable components in which the best PHP programs are built, such as Drupal, PHPBB and eZ Publish.

But why should we use symphony in our web design projects instead of frameworks like Laravel? It is better to take a look at the features of this framework.

High flexibility

Symphony has many features. The plugins of this framework, called bundles, are a collection of PHP files, images, JavaScript code, etc. that can be used to implement various parts of the website, such as blogs. Bundles are changeable and can be used in other projects.

Symphony also has components that speed up the implementation of common parts of any project so that programmers can spend more time implementing more complex and custom parts.

The use of bundles and components helps to reduce project dependencies and make changes easier to implement, which makes Symfony highly flexible in web-based projects.


Using Design Patterns and bundles makes it very easy to test and control the code. Due to the use of PHPUnit library, unit testing and functional testing are also very simple.

Long-term support and active forums

Symphony has a lot of updates, and previous versions work well with newer versions so that developers do not have any problems. Also, having active communities and being open-source, this framework has made it easy for developers to modify it and make it available to other users for various uses.


Frameworks are generally used to simplify the implementation process of a project. Although it may seem difficult to learn the powerful symphony framework, it does provide good features that may overlook its weaknesses. If you want to learn PHP language, you can get acquainted with the necessary topics to master this popular language in this link. Orangency is always by your side and helps you along the way.

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