There has been a lot of talk about SSL recently. One of the reasons for this heated debate is because the popular Google Chrome browser has announced that from this year, when visiting websites that do not use SSL, a warning message will be displayed in this browser. Google has been encouraging design websites to use this coding system for the past two years. Even a few years ago, Google search algorithms considered scores for sites that use SSL and promote the position of these sites.

But there is some confusion about this, which means that many people think that having SSL means that the sites are completely secure, but this is not the case. Even with SSL, your site can be hacked, and basically this coding system has nothing to do with site security and its non-hacking.

Sites that have an SSL certificate are marked in the browser’s address bar with the letters https at the beginning of the site address, and to the left of the address is a lock symbol or the word Secure, which means the site is secure and uses the SSL protocol.

What does SSL do?

When you are looking for a website in the world of internet, you use a browser to see the site. In fact, this site is stored elsewhere and on another server. To view this site, you sometimes connect to several different servers to finally reach the server on which your site is stored and see the site. Now, if this site is not encrypted, it is possible that any information you send to the website will be seen and stolen by other people in the middle of your computer and the site server. If you submit a description or fill out a form, your personal information may be stolen. If you want to buy a product, your bank card number and password may be stolen in the middle. If a website is encrypted, it means that only the information that is exchanged on the network is encrypted, which means that it uses encryption, personal information or your bank card number and password when between your computer and website servers are transferred, they can no longer be stolen.

An SSL encryption system will not prevent your website from being hacked

Here are some things SSL can do:

  • SSL does not prevent cyber attacks, which means that people can gain access to the site by obtaining a password.
  • SSL cannot prevent malicious files from being uploaded when people access your site.
  • SSL does not prevent access to people who use insecure software and plugins.
  • SSL will not prevent your hosting panel from being hacked

It is a mistake to think that if you install SSL on your site, you will not be hacked. SSL encrypts only the information that is transmitted between the user and the site and has nothing to do with hacking and trying to get hackers to access your site.

So what does this mean?

This means that you still have to use a sophisticated and non-hacked password for your site, constantly update your software and install reliable plugins.

If I do not sell anything on my site, do I still need SSL?

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no! Technically, the answer is no, meaning that in these cases it is not necessary to use SSL. But there is another important issue and that is Google ranking system. For Google, sites that use SSL have a higher score and position, and this will help a lot in optimizing and SEO your site.

There are other benefits; For example, people are more likely to fill out forms on your site because they are confident that their personal information will not be shared with others.

Finally, SSL encryption is good; Even we recommend using it to our customers after designing the site or to optimize it, but this issue should not be confused with the security of the website and preventing it from being hacked. Both are important when you want to do a web design.

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