Is being responsive enough in web design? This is a question that has become very common these days and many people think that it is enough if they make their website responsive, but we must pay attention to other points as well. In this article we will explain why having a responsive website design is great for the first step but combining AMP with a PWA design is better.

Responsivity to mobile devices

This is the first time in years that the need to optimize web pages for mobile is so urgent. Even in this day and age, mobile search is very important for advertisers and businesses. Consider this statistic:

  • Most Google searches are done on a smartphone or tablet.
  • 50% of local searches for business contact information are done via mobile.
  • According to BrightEdge, 69% of mobile searchers say they use more than one brand with a responsive website, which has allayed their concerns.
  • Now, with mobile web design, speed takes precedence over any other ranking factor. Unfortunately, half of the websites are not seriously optimized for mobile search.
  • 70% of mobile web pages take 7 seconds to fully load their content.

Common Mistakes in Mobile website Optimization

  • JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are blocked.
  • Redirects failed
  • Poor graphical interfaces (for example, small text or poor quality photos)
  • Clunky search functions
  • Obtrusive interstitials

Solving many of these issues requires investing in a responsive content management system (CMS) and the right configuration for your mobile website. However, many questions remain about what configuration really works for your website. Responsive website design has become the industry-preferred configuration, but as the website becomes more competitive, should the industry move too?

What are the disadvantages of responsive design?

Although responsive design is very important in terms of user experience and SEO and doing it has become a necessity in the world of internet, but it also has disadvantages that we will examine in the following.

Responsive site design is not effective in increasing loading speed

Responsive web design does not have a positive effect on increasing site loading speed. In fact, using this type of design is not an advantage, but not using that site makes it difficult.

Some browsers do not display the responsive design correctly

Although most users use browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and display information correctly for them, one of the most important issues in responsive design is the use of CSS instructions called MediaQuery, which some browsers do not support.

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