Online business means that you offer a product or service and through the world of the Internet you intend to introduce it and deliver it to applicants or customers. Starting an online business is a lot like designing a store website, but it does not necessarily mean the same thing.

When you want to promote a product through the world of internet and use this extremely useful tool for the prosperity of your business as well as gaining reputation, you should ask yourself a few simple but important questions:

How will my goods be returned?

Naturally, when you sell a product, you naturally never want it returned. Here are two things to look for:

1- First, plan all the steps of viewing and selecting the goods by the customer until the delivery of the goods to the customer in such a way that there is the least possibility for the return of the goods. Provide clear photos of the product on the website you have designed and provide real and accurate descriptions about it. Plan the transfer of the product in such a way that there is the least possibility of damage to the product in order to ultimately reduce the possibility of your product being returned.

2- If the customer for any reason (defective product, regret, etc.) requested the return of the product, be prepared for this issue and have a plan. One good thing is to fully describe the terms of the refund on the website you designed to promote your product.

How much does it cost to ship my product?

One of the biggest and most effective offers that a store website or an online trading company can offer is free shipping. At the beginning of an online business, ask yourself how much does posting or shipping cost you? And then think about how you can reduce this cost or even send your goods for free; Because if you do not do this, your competitors will definitely do it and customers will definitely prefer them to you. Never underestimate the power of free shipping or free installation.

How much space do I need to store my goods?

One of the places where you can compete with your competitors in the online business environment is to reduce the cost of warehousing and maintenance of products. The more you can choose the products that need less space or how to buy and transfer your product in such a way that you need less to store your goods and pay rent for their storage space. You will also have a higher hand in online competitions.

Is the product I am going to sell completely legal?

Before you start building an online business or designing a store site for yourself, first of all make sure your products do not have a legal problem. Sometimes selling or producing certain products requires special licenses to be obtained. Sometimes buying and selling some goods is completely illegal; So before you start, get complete legal information.

Is my product needed in the category of general and fashion goods or is it considered a luxury product?

When the time comes, people will ask themselves before buying from your site, do I need this product or do I want to buy it just because I like it? If your product is in the second category, you should know that here the economic situation of the people of the city, province and country in which you intend to operate, should be examined whether there is an incentive for people to buy this product or not.

Can my product be used for a long time?

This discussion is usually related to the study of fashion trends or people’s desires. The best course of action is to ensure that the product you sell does not become obsolete or unusable any time soon. This has nothing to do with the quality of the product, but with the continuing public demand for its use. For example, you may sell a particular design or model of clothing. You have to consider whether this plan that you are going to invest in will have an ad or a fan in the next 2 years or not?

Finally, no matter what kind of product or product you choose to start your online business, you need to know the appearance of your web design and the feeling it gives to the audience is the key to your success. So if you have a good product to sell and you have done all the necessary research and you have asked and answered these 6 key questions, so it is time to design a professional and suitable site for your work in the online world. Never tie your business to a mediocre, poor site design; Because your site as the first face of your online business has a great impact on the judgment of potential customers about you and your product. Weakness in the design of the site will cause an unpleasant feeling in the audience and eventually give up shopping and cooperation. Never waste your time researching the market and choosing the right product by designing an inefficient and simple site.

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