Cheap web design !! A familiar and captivating phrase for Internet users and those who want to enter the online world of their business through web design. The truth is that there are many web designers and web design companies that design and produce websites at very low prices. There are even tools you can use to build your own site for free. So why do professional web design companies charge so much more for their work?

The answer to this question is very simple. I can buy the paint, the brush and the canvas and all the tools I need to draw a portrait, but what is certain is that the painting I paint will certainly not be comparable to a work like the Mona Lisa by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci.

Similarly, anyone can design and build a website. Website design software is available to everyone and is not expensive, but this does not mean that the result is necessarily a good website and, more importantly, an effective website.

How does a website affect your business?

A website is kind of the first thing people see of you, and if it is not relevant and effective enough, it will probably become the last thing you see. Every website has a purpose, and most of that purpose is to sell services or goods, and if an order is not registered or your phones do not ring, it does not matter how much you spend to design your site, but it is important that your website is not efficient.

If you think using professionals is expensive then try using non-professionals and amateurs

Customer review at all stages

Professional web design companies examine the entire path of the visitor, from the first impression of the user until he becomes a customer, and this requires hiring employees with a wide range of skills. Today, to design and promote a website, one must pay attention to many aspects that a single and versatile designer can never master and pay attention to all these aspects and details.

Example of building a house and comparing it with website design

To build a house, the builder must hire different people; Architect, worker, china wall, plumber, electrician, etc. Each of these people has their own skills, and this is exactly what professional web design companies do: hire and use people who are each skilled in their own field.

For example, Orangency‘s website design team consists of 6 people. We all know the general information and general knowledge of website design, but each of us has expertise in a separate and specific branch.

One of us is a graphic designer who gives color and glaze to the site with his art, one is responsible for arranging the overall structure of the website and ensuring its effectiveness, one is an expert in producing appropriate content, the other is in security checks and He also specializes in website optimization operations, and two others are professional programmers, each with expertise in their respective disciplines.

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