In this section, we give an overview of web design problems using Flash.

Loading Speed

Websites that are designed entirely using Flash are slow to load, and usually on these websites an image is displayed for the user that shows how long you have to wait for the site to load.

Auto Play

In many cases, websites that use Flash to play audio files will start playing immediately after opening the video or audio file page without asking the user, which is very annoying and unpleasant for users.

Different URLs

When the website design is done entirely using Flash, usually when you enter other pages of the site, the URL of the page does not change; This means that these sites have few Internet addresses, which is completely contrary to the principles of SEO and website optimization.

Not Recognizable

Websites that are 100% designed by Flash are not recognizable by Google, which means that the possibility of SEO for these sites is eliminated.

Downside of creative effects

Using Flash in site design may create creative effects on the site, but the downside is that too many graphic effects may harm the main purpose of the website (increase sales of goods or services, attract followers, etc.) and the user’s senses and deviate from the main purpose of the site. Especially if it is not possible for the user to reject or not display them.


Websites that are designed entirely by Flash are not responsive, which means that these sites can not adapt to different screen sizes, and mobile and tablet users will face many problems in using these websites.


The number of people who design Flash professionally is much less than programmers who are proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies; So, first of all, the cost of designing a website using Flash is much higher than other technologies, and the cost of maintaining, repairing and updating it will be much higher due to the limited number of people who have mastered Flash.

In general, the use of flash in website design has become obsolete, and every day more and more companies restrict or even block the use and display of flash files due to the mentioned problems (especially security problems and problems related to mobile, dislike of programs ). In fact, it should be said that the end of Flash work in designing the site is certain and definite, and it is only a matter of time before the support of all browsers and programming companies of this technology will be completely removed in the near future.

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