Pillar pages are complete posts that cover the most comprehensive and core topics of your website. The term was coined by Hubspot in 2017. The website based its content structure on columnar pages and introduced this method as a content production strategy.

Unlike other content forms such as Skyscraper, Pillar content is not a single page and is a collection of several contents that are clustered to the main content, which is one of the comprehensive topics of the site. The term content clusters includes the categories of the main content.

The main purpose of the column content is to target the site content and prevent the creation of additional and side content on the site. In this way, the contents of the site are completely purposeful and created according to the main topics of the site, and by connecting to the main topics, they strengthen and increase the rank of the main content (pillar).

What is pillar page content?

A columnar page is comprehensive content that covers almost everything your target audience needs to know about a topic. Each of the sections of the main topic is referred to in general and its full explanation is placed in the clustered contents. All clustered content that is relevant to our main topic should be linked to its comprehensive article, and also the content of the clustered articles should be linked to the comprehensive column content.

You can not gather all the content and margins of a comprehensive topic such as SEO training in one article. But a column content page gathers the main aspects of the topic in one page so that the audience of your site gets a general acquaintance with the topic and obtains information, and to go deeper into the topic and read its details, they can refer to clustering articles. To get complete information about the main topic.

What are content clusters?

Content clusters, also called topic clusters, are collections of content that are directly related to a topic that is public and wants to get traffic to it on a web design. These posts address sub-topics, questions, concepts and situations that you could not write in your main post.

Thematic clusters help you redirect website users to different pages. Content marketing, for example, is a broad topic that includes many topics, including keyword research. You have a comprehensive article on content marketing that mentions all the sub-categories of content marketing. But you can not put the details of all the margins on this page because your article is too long. This is where content clusters come in handy. You have written a complete article on keyword research and you can link to this article in the comprehensive content marketing article.

Types of column content pages

Cannot define a default template for page column content. The type of content and page depends on the content and scope of your site and may not be a specific template or a combination of several content models. In general, the types of comprehensive content can be categorized as follows.

Comprehensive guide content

Guide pages are a common structure for column pages because they can be used to create comprehensive content. People are generally confident that the “definitive guide” to a topic says everything they need to know about it. Guide pages should be written for an audience that has no knowledge of the subject and should be written in full and comprehensive.

The sections of a guide can include: an explanation of the concept of the topic, how to do it, why it is important, what subcategories and details it contains, and other material that provides useful information to the audience. Each of these sections can have a separate article that is linked to in the main article.

Question content and question answers

This type of content, known as what is, is one of the most widely used types of comprehensive content for writing column pages. Many people when searching to find out what a topic or word means and to find the answer often find what the word is at the end of the phrase. If we want to answer these questions of users, it may be answered in a few sentences, but in writing these pages, you should provide a much broader and more comprehensive answer and all the side questions of the subject should be answered.


List content or the best

In many cases, the content structure of the comprehensive guide cannot be used because the content may be too long and tedious for the user. Many users on Google are looking for a list of the best of a topic or ways to do a topic. For example, to write a content for all SEO tools, content that provides a list of the best SEO tools can be a good content for users.

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