A good store web design provides a much more enjoyable experience for the user and makes the browsing, searching and payment completion process easier for the user. Every business needs motivation and inspiration to start a business and attract more customers.

What makes store website design inspiring?

High quality product photos

Photography of products and the appearance of a store website are just as important as layout and graphic design.

Easy navigation

If the inventory is large enough, the products should be well-organized, allowing customers to find exactly what they need using the search terms.

Promotional messages

The e-commerce site should advertise and trade in front and center, for example in the home page slider or in the header. A pop-up newsletter registration form can also help.

Websites should provide additional items that play an important role in designing a store website and the next level of user experience. All the components that control the user create an experience that engages the mind and body and connects them to real-world experiences. Below are some important components in designing a store website to create a human experience.

The e-commerce industry has become competitive and challenging for beginners. So designers, investors and buyers have always been kind of inspiring and motivating. A great, pleasant and user-friendly store website, so-called users can quickly go from one category to another, while facing a variety of useful options, also each product and category has a valid description and explanation . Almost all e-commerce stores have similar designs and most of them focus on a specific location.

Product quality display

One of the first ways to improve the usability of retail website design is to improve the nature of product photos. Of course, high quality photos are quite obvious. But what about reaction features like 360-degree display and image zoom that really impress the user? In addition to the responsive aspect, these user-controlled displays also help the buyer to have more confidence in what they are buying. Most importantly in a store, they can choose a pen item and feel it in their hands. Providing product images from all angles, as well as a close-up view, helps to create a special and unique experience. Customers can see the product up close and in person.

Luxury items

The second aspect, luxury items, is related to the products you sell. At the moment, any items you sell may be considered luxury, but you should offer enough luxury items to attract online shoppers to choose your site over competing sites and make them feel that You care about making them happy. Provide new and exciting experiences that they can not gain unless they visit your website.

Offering unique items, popular brands with discounts or anything else that adds a touch value and luxury feature to your online store will help create a unique customer experience.

An excellent example is Farfetch. This website offers items from over 300 boutiques around the world, so everything is completely unique. In addition, the web design is very attractive and creates a new experience for all those who are tired of the old look of the online store. Many filter buttons allow shoppers to search accurately, even more easily than they do in a real store.

Emotional communication

Every color, image and content section of a website should evoke the buyer’s emotional response. Remember. Adjust your brand with a unique style and match it with your tone, which can be conversational, humorous, bold, or anything else that creates an emotional connection between you and your customers. Here we have to remind you that you really need to know your audience to know how to create the right and credible feelings.

Try before you buy

The “Try Before You Buy” feature has become popular in recent years, especially in the case of clothing and accessories. One of the advantages of buying fashion items in stores is that customers can try the items before buying. This offer allows online stores to form a tangible and human connection that was largely lost in the online shopping for clothing and accessories.

Bungalow Clothing is one of the stores that gives customers five days to try on high fashion clothes for free before their return. The company also does this intelligently by using prepaid envelopes with no membership fees and additional fees. The personal characteristics of this style and model really make this “dressing room” feature more than a simple test before the user’s shopping experience. Customers can truly experience a unique shopping experience without leaving home, an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Easy Shopping

Easy shopping on the website is an integral part of the process of creating a positive user experience. Think about it: When customers go to a store, they can ask employees questions or simply pay at the counter. But the downside of a store is that the employee may not be available or it may take a long time to get paid on a busy day.

Therefore, offer the experience of a comfortable online shopping so that you can induce a good shopping experience in the physical store at its best. How to do this? With simple structure and organization including filters, easy payment, visible contact information or live chat, fast and free shipping, hassle-free return with money back or store credit guarantee or anything else that creates the experience Be positive online shopping.

A positive and user-friendly experience plays an important role in customer returns and future purchases. So make sure your web design establishes a human connection with customers and even makes the customer responsible for their own experience. Go beyond the rules of usability and create the human experience that online shoppers want.

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