In our last article which was about collecting basic information and data, we talked about logo design, innformation about pages about us and contact us, main groupings of services or products and preparing at least 4 articles and 4 news.

Now we are going to continue this article and help you to have a complete list about the tasks that you have to do before web design.

Preparation of organizational slogans and promotional texts

If you want to put a certain text and writing in the website that is being designed from the beginning, it is better to collect these texts as soon as possible so that the designers can place them in different parts of the website. Of course, this is done according to the plan that you have already agreed on.

Photos and videos

Prepare and collect any photos of your company or organization, products, services, staff, etc. that you want to be displayed in the relevant sections of the website. Of course, website designers, after determining the design and appearance, will also provide you with the dimensions of these photos, but before that you can submit and save all the required images with the highest quality so that you can use them in the shortest time on your website.

As mentioned before, all the websites we design are dynamic and you have full access to change, register or delete the content of your website; So there is no need to be overly sensitive or worried about the original content of the website. An important issue in this section is that you should do things before ordering design and along with the reputable company you have chosen, do things that if done on time and correctly, the result will be better and It will be more professional.

Website design is known as one of the first steps to enter the Internet space. If you take the first step correctly, the next steps will be much easier for you. The site you are designing is in fact your headquarters in the world of the Internet; Therefore, paying attention to its basic features will be very important. The article “10 things to do before designing a site” can be a comprehensive article for business owners who want to take full advantage of the endless potential of the Internet world to grow their business. Orangency professional team will be by your side until the end of this journey.

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