We are often asked, “How long does it take to design and build a website?” The easiest way to answer this question is to link web design to chess competitions.

Before examining chess theory, here are some examples of the answers you will usually hear (how long does it take to design a site?) (But not from us!):

  • “The job of designing a website is never over!”
  • “Suppose your site design is finished now!”
  • “How much money do you have?!”
  • “Between minutes and years”
  • “As many as 23 orbits of Mars around its axis!”
  • And any other unknown and confusing answer you can think of!

How long does it take for Orangency to design a website?

The minimum time that the Orangency website design team has recorded for building a professional website is: 10 hours! (Including design, formatting, content writing, putty !! etc)

The maximum time an Orangency design team has registered to produce a website is 1 year at a cost of more than $ 5,000, which is still ongoing (super-dynamic projects)

In general, the average time required to complete a site design last year is 30 days.

Also keep in mind that two types of time must be calculated: one is the exact time spent; in terms of hours and the other is the total time elapsed from the start of the site design project to its completion.

If you ask us now how long it takes to design a website, our answer will probably be this: It will take about 4 weeks to build an average site. But for those who are familiar with professional chess competitions, they know how the clock works next to the chessboard.

What is the subject of chess and its time?

In chess tournaments, there is an hour next to the game screen. Each player plays his turn and as soon as the move is over, he hits the clock, and from then on, it is the turn of the person to move. As a result, both players have a certain amount of time to complete their move, which is limited to the total time of the match.

We have said all this to explain how the site design work is very similar to chess tournaments. We do something and then we need a response from you. If at best, you can provide us with the answers and information we need immediately, your site design will definitely go according to the announced schedule, which of course is not possible! Like us, you need to rest, eat or check all these groups and channels in Telegram! As a result, we often have to wait for your reciprocal action so that we can continue to design and build your site.

Add colds, vacations, project twists and more to get your favorite website.

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