To answer the question “What is Codeigniter?“, It is good to address the issue of increasing the speed of coding. You may also be wondering how frameworks affect the speed of our work.

Helpers are one of the most important ways in which frameworks can speed up our coding. If we want to explain what Helpers do very simply, we can say:

Helpers in CodeIgniter help you write more code in less time. In CodeIgniter, for example, you can use a simple PHP line of code to tell CodeIgniter to generate 10 lines of HTML code for you. For example, if you want to have an HTML form, you do not need to write much HTML code, using PHP you can make the HTML code generated for you automatically.

Another feature that frameworks have is that they include features that are needed in most projects, and you do not need to code them from scratch to use them. It is enough to use the features of your framework.

For example, if you want to check user input data in HTML forms, you do not need to write specific PHP and JavaScript code. CodeIgniter has already written these codes for you, and now you just need to use them and enjoy.

What is MVC?

To answer the question “What is Codeigniter?”, We have to say that Codeigniter is a web design framework based on the MVC architecture. Here we want to explain MVC very simply and in the future we will explain it in detail in separate articles.

MVC stands for Model – View – Controller, which is a type of coding method or so-called software architecture. In this coding method, your software is divided into 3 different parts and each part has its own tasks.

Part 1: Model

Which is responsible for communication with the database.

Part 2: View

Which contains all the code that the end user sees.

And the third part: Controller

Which is responsible for controlling the software and actually connects the Model to the View.

With this coding method, your code will be very readable and regular. This is because your code is divided into 3 different sections, and in each section, there are related codes, and this makes it impossible for you to confuse your code.

After this simple explanation of MVC, we have to say that Codeigniter is also based on the MVC architecture, and this makes the code you write in the Codeigniter framework very readable and very easy to develop.

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