In yesterday’s article, we talked about Hover’s role in web design. Today we want to review 4 applications of this wonderful feature in CSS language.

4 examples of using Hover in e-commerce website design

In store websites, internal pages are very important. Almost every product page has the potential to be the landing page of your website – the page that the user enters after searching – and it is necessary to pay attention to this issue when designing a store site.

If each of your landing pages contains a product, you can provide the user with any information you want about that product, but note that users are not interested in getting too much information about the product. This is what the user wants. That, the general information of the product, when the user wants to be displayed on this page, and this is exactly the main feature and role of Hover in the design of the store site.

Since hovers can have a very positive effect on increasing conversion rates (converting visitors to product buyers), it makes sense to use this feature in strategic landing page locations. In this way, you can take full advantage of websites that have poor design.

Photo replacement or Showing info

For example, the design of a store site can be done in such a way that on the page of one of the products – the page related to the sale of a men’s shirt – by placing the mouse cursor on the photo, the price of the product is displayed or the back of the shirt appears or even Change the color of the clothes or show the existing color scheme to the user.


Another way is when the price and the add button to the cart appear when hovering over the product. With this, the user no longer needs to look for the add button to the cart.


Site design can be done in such a way that hovering over the product leads to a darker shadow on the product image, which is called (Grounding Effect). This will create more visual balance on the website.

Current content

Another method could be when the user hovers over the button to add to the cart (places the mouse pointer on it or touches it with a finger on the mobile phone) the current content in the cart Shopping for him/her on display.

These examples may meet your needs, but you should know that there are no restrictions on the type of content you want to show to the user or how you want it to appear to the user, and it only depends on what you want from What kind of hover to use in designing your website.

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