The positive and influential role of Hover on the website user experience has made it a popular feature in web design, especially for e-commerce website design. Hovers are typically used to give more information to the user immediately after placing the mouse pointer on an item on the site. One of the main uses of hover in designing store and commercial websites is to direct the user to click on buttons (Call To Action) such as the “Add to Cart” button. This will ultimately save the user time and redirect them to the main pages of the website as quickly as possible.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the importance and positive effect of this effect and use it when designing a website. However, when designing a site, it should be noted that the use of hover does not lead to distraction and confusion of users.

Studies have shown that users are also interested in hovers and consider them as one of the useful elements in designing websites.

Review of Hover and its impact on the user experience (UX) of the website

The use of hover in the design of the store site allows you to provide additional information to the user very quickly. Information such as providing a brief description, the number of products left in stock, etc.

Hover design can be done in various ways. Hover can be used in site design in such a way that by placing the mouse, the item can be magnified or it can transfer textual information to the user.

The hover can be designed to change the shape and size of the photo, change its color or display the item from another angle.

Usually, hover will have a better effect if they are used in accordance with the colors used in the design of the site.

When designing a website, Hovers can be used to help the user enter a link or another page of the site (instead of using the site menu).

Hovers are one of the best ways to direct the user to the Call To Action buttons.

The use and importance of hover in site design is not limited to the above. Many events and activities can be started through Hover, and these are just a few examples of work that is used more than others in website design. How to use Hover in website design is up to you, how you want to make the user feel better, impress him and how you want to avoid wasting his time.

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