Content-first design is a kind of attitude to web design that has been introduced for more than a decade. The main goal of this approach is to present the content in the best possible way. To do this, before starting the design, we must have an understanding of the content in which it is placed.

For example, we can mention the design of the product box of an online store. In many cases, when designing a store, modeling of successful examples and reputable brands is considered by designers, but can this template be suitable for your products as well?

An online store that sells mineral water is very different from a store that sells electronics or a site that sells fruit online.

In traditional systems, our attention is only on store site design standards, but in the content-based design method, first a detailed analysis of the nature of the product, the type of content provided and the needs of the audience is done, and the product box is designed accordingly.

Many content management systems that are used to build an online store provide you with complete but similar features. For example, features such as comparing and adding to favorites are of no use to an online store that sells fruit.

In the store that operates in the field of selling mineral water, it can be said that the final page of the product and providing textual descriptions and various images do not help the user to better understand and it is better to do all the processes related to product selection and purchase on the same store page.

It is interesting to know that the Content First Design method is not limited to site design and is considered in packaging design, catalogs and many printed products. For example, to design the cover of a book, we must know the content presented in it, and based on the title or category, it is not possible to design a beautiful and relevant appearance for the cover.

Perfume companies pay attention to the use and smell of perfume to design the glass and choose its color, this makes you have a relative estimate of the smell by seeing the perfume bottle.

When is content-based design important?

All websites can use the content-based design method, and this method is not limited to an online store or corporate site. Indeed:

The main purpose of this method is the designer to understand the content provided to the user and the importance of each part of the site.

For example, if before the design begins, it is clear that the titles of the articles are generally long, the designer also considers more space for display, but regardless of the content provided, there may be problems for display after launching the site. In an e-journal, all the photos may be prepared in Wide format, but the designer, without knowing it, considers the image display space to be square. What do you think will happen after launching the site?

By carefully examining the content before designing, we will find out what the page structure and content layout should be, what the appropriate space and size is for images and titles, and what information should be displayed on each page of the site.

Of course, after the implementation of the plan, there may be a need for corrections and changes in it, but we assure you that these changes will be much greater regardless of the content.

Content must be one step ahead of design. If the design priority is not content-based, the final design will be just some kind of layout.

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