The answer is very clear as “the difference between an online store website and a physical store”.

E-commerce stores exist in cyberspace while physical stores are fully managed in the physical world. They sell both products and they are both stores.

The truth is that people think; There are many similarities between an e-shop and a physical store.

The two are not exactly the same physically, but when a visitor experiences the web design, they see much more in common.


If you go to the department store, you will see people who are not visitors but staff and are responsible for guiding customers. These people provide information about products that are available for sale and product shelves, and they probably get a significant amount of money for this job. (More physical store costs)

This is while on the store site you enter the complete product information once and there is no need for manpower to respond.

products categorization

Products in the online store It is possible to categorize products in terms of: expiration date – favorites – the latest. You can decide which products to display according to your sales strategy for the first page of the site. In fact, everything is strategically placed to improve the visitor experience, and I hope it improves the chances of conversion (turning the visitor into a customer).

Advantages of online store over classic store

There is no way to optimize everything. But compared to the physical store, the online store can diversify the design of your website for the user and increase the attractiveness of the website, causing customers to gain a new experience.

Costs in the online store are much lower than the classic store, and costs such as: the cost of buying or renting a store, which requires a high initial cost and monthly rent, respectively – the cost of a large number of manpower – There is no store related to heating and cooling in the online store at all.

On the other hand, the online store will have more customer satisfaction due to its many benefits. Such as: the possibility of easy access at all hours of the day – all places – with any device (mobile – tablet – laptop, etc.)

Disadvantages of online store compared to classic store

An online store faces more customer distrust than a real store. Because in buying from the online store, ensuring the quality of the received product, ensuring the delivery of the goods after receiving the money, ensuring the after-sales service must be achieved. And because there is no physical store online, trust becomes more difficult.

Online Store Optimization

How can we have different online stores?

The website owner must do everything to optimize his site. In many cases, your website is the only way for customers to enter your collection. It is essential that you have a website that will naturally increase the “flow” to improve the experience and thus become more sales. That means having a great store site design.

List of considerations

Just a list of things to consider:

  • Do visitors find what they need?
  • Is there a large number of visitors? If not, answer these questions:
    • What is the loading speed of web pages?
    • Is the landing page suitable for persuading visitors to stay and look at other pages of the site?
    • What color should the buttons be to increase the click-through rate? (Studies have shown that online visitors are more likely to click on orange buttons)
    • Should I put product X above product Y but below product Z?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things to consider.

Admittedly, due to the lack of customer service representatives, the store website tries to provide services to online visitors immediately, improving the online visitor experience in e-commerce stores is more important than physical stores.

And finally, it is much easier for a potential customer to close the Internet browser, than to return from the physical store and waste a lot of time and gas (if using a car).

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