Basically, today anyone who has read a web design book imagines that he is no longer the god of design and no one works above him, but really a web design includes knowledge from various fields such as CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, PHP , jQuery and many more that together can push a web designer forward. We want to explain some common misconceptions about a web designer, most of which are not true, and make some important points.

Easy learning HTML and CSS

The world is changing, so are web design professions, and one of the general principles of web design is to study and learn about new changes. It is true that learning CSS and HTML is very easy and convenient, but the ability to run and design a web page is not just about knowing these two, and then you need to learn JavaScript, PHP and other things. Learning any JavaScript, PHP is like learning different languages ​​like Australian, Russian or Belgian. But you have to learn the basics first, and over time the experience will gradually increase and other languages ​​can be slowly added to the curriculum of what you have learned.

Unique web designers

Successful web designers have gained much of their learning skills through practice, experience, and back-and-forth work. Well, this takes a lot of time and requires real patience and perseverance, and to say that I want to be a web designer is just the beginning, and the rest of the steps require a lot of willpower, study, practice and perseverance. Maybe now everyone knows the basic and secondary tricks about Photoshop, and if we go further, even the basics of HTML and CSS can be learned from a book. But surely knowing these basic skills will not make a successful web designer. In fact, a web designer is someone who knows professional design, and if you look at websites like Themeforest, you will gain a better understanding of a professional designer. It is true that anyone can design medium and high level websites just by reading and studying and of course practicing from one or more useful books. This will not be achieved overnight and will definitely require further reading, research and development.

Web designers in a dark place away from traffic

Creating a huge network of collaborators and connecting and interacting with other web designers can be a great solution for finding potential clients and expanding the design business. This may still be true for some web designers. This issue has become stronger with the advent of social networks and this issue prevents the acquisition of new customers and maintaining the job position. Always social communication and not avoiding daily interactions can be very useful for a designer and work performance Improve.

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