In the previous article, we talked a bit about the misconceptions about a web designer. In short, web designers need to be constantly updated and familiar with the latest technologies in the world.

Today we want to talk about other things that people mistakenly think are true of designers. Stay with us.

Web designers do not need any training

Some designers have good talent in learning and mastering work tricks. However, in most cases, creating a good job and designing a web requires some training, which may be online training, books, magazines, blogs, and so on. Of course, physical education and attending classes can also be very useful and speed up the learning process. In general, web designers have collected most of their information and experiences from the same web level and by collecting and combining them, they have reached a level of professionalism, from which some very good designs can be seen.

Web and art designers

Each design can create good layouts from medium to advanced by considering general and detailed principles in its designs. The foundation of any good design is the issue of art, which is rooted in the heart and soul of every great web designer. Composition, hierarchy and color choice are what shape a design. Defining styles and typography and choosing fonts and important factors will also play an important role in the design; In this way, choosing the text, color and style should make the web pages readable.

Web designers do not work well with developers

Sometimes there may be a series of work disputes between them that are sure to be resolved and in the end everyone will be on the same team. This is completely wrong, and a web designer with a developer aims to create a better environment and experience for users, and even after separation, their goal is still the same.

Website designers and their lives

Designing a good website requires different skills and time, and since web designers, like other ordinary people, have a life and have to manage it, they need to receive a certain amount of money like other businesses, and They can not spend their time for free and low-cost jobs. You may have heard around the corner that web designers complain about clients asking for free or very low cost jobs. But customers should realize that their website represents the personality and brand of their business, and the web design reflects the personal or business face, and they should definitely pay the designer a good price for a good and sometimes great design. Because then it is better to expect reasonable cooperation from web designers.

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