As we mentioned in the previous article, you need to consider several things before choosing a web design company. At the end of that article, we decided to explain 6 very important questions that you should ask the company in this article.

Have you designed other websites related to our work?

Working with a web design company who already has experience building a website in your field can be an advantage, and you can also view these websites and get a preview of your project in mind. On the other hand, if that website design company does not have experience in your field, it can also go through a successful process; Because all their research is new and new and will not be influenced by previous and old designs, and as a result, a unique website will be created for you. If the company does not have experience in your field, make sure they have successful projects in other fields; It is best not to work with companies that have limited expertise and are unable to operate in your field.

How do you use the UX factor in your website design?

A powerful website design company is aware that user experience is the beating heart of any successful website and should give you the assurance that they have the expertise to design a user-friendly website. Ask them questions about how the website is designed and what methods and tactics they use to centralize the user experience in their design.

What type of content management system or CMS do you use?

Most web design companies specialize in one or two content management systems. Most sites are built on open source platforms such as WordPress, but some web development companies have their own specialized CMS platforms. Every content management system has its strengths and weaknesses, and a good website design company will fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of each to you to make a better decision about your business.

What are the stages of this project?

An experienced web design company can very quickly and at the same time comprehensively tell you the steps accurately and explain to you what to expect at each step of the work. If you are not able to provide the exact details of the website you are considering, that website design company can not accurately and definitively specify a time and amount of cost for you and will only offer you a period of time and cost.

What should we do if we want to change or add content after we have finished designing the website?

A full service website design company should provide a training course for you and your team that will teach you all the tips on how to build a website and make changes and updates. Make a list of topics that you need to constantly update (such as events, forms, page content, etc.) and ask the company which of these can be changed in the designed site content management system. To make any programming or design changes, the company must tell you how long and how much work they need to make.

Do you do digital marketing on a regular basis?

Website design involves a lot of effort, but the same amount of effort must be done in areas such as website optimization, site promotion, performance measurement and site development. If you do not have a digital marketing team that can optimize the site as soon as it is designed and built, look for a company that also has expertise in digital marketing to make sure the designed website will achieve the results you want.

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