Website SEO is a set of different tasks and tasks. The nature of many of these tasks is to work with large amounts of data. Working with data, especially the large volume of data that requires high accuracy and also has a high probability of error, has led SEO experts to use artificial intelligence or machine learning in SEO. But the main question here is whether the use of artificial intelligence in SEO is profitable enough to use it, or is it just a trend and an advertising show? Will artificial intelligence take over the site SEO in the future or will we still need SEO specialists?
In this article, we want to discuss the use of artificial intelligence in SEO.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence includes a set of several different technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, etc.

The difference between a system written by humans and a system developed by artificial intelligence is that software powered by artificial intelligence can improve its performance over time by analyzing data and learning. While in normal software, this performance improvement is done by humans.
As a result, artificial intelligence increases work speed and productivity by automating tasks and reducing manual processes.

Research shows that global GDP can increase by 14% in 2030 with the help of artificial intelligence. This has made artificial intelligence the biggest business opportunity. Various companies and organizations are also trying to use artificial intelligence to maintain their business and achieve more success than competitors.

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The impact of artificial intelligence on SEO

When users search for a phrase, search engines rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to display results to users. In fact, it is artificial intelligence that determines where your pages will be displayed and who will see them. You must have heard about the Google algorithm update that happens every few months. All these algorithms exist in the artificial intelligence of search engines.
In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, SEO specialists can do a lot of work in less time, make the optimization process easier and analyze the patterns in the data much faster than humans.

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Uses of artificial intelligence in SEO

Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks of an SEO specialist, which is very sensitive. Keyword research is a time-consuming process and may take days or weeks. But with the help of keyword research tools that are based on artificial intelligence, this process can be done more easily and quickly. Keyword research tools have the ability to provide personalized research for you. In fact, by analyzing your website, these tools determine how difficult a specific keyword is for your website; Because the difficulty of keywords is different in every website. A particular keyword may be considered a difficult keyword for your competitor, but you can easily rank well for that keyword.

SEO content strategy development

Artificial intelligence helps you plan your SEO strategy. Today, there are artificial intelligence tools that can suggest topics that are better for you to produce content. It will also remind you of the Keyword Gap or the subject gap that exists in your site’s content and provide new content topics by checking the terms searched by users that are related to your field. By examining all these issues, SEO experts can set up a detailed and excellent content plan that can help the website grow on the search engine results page.

Content optimization

With the help of artificial intelligence, in addition to adjusting the content program, it can also be used to optimize the content. This means that artificial intelligence will check the content of the website one by one and provide you with a complete list of suggestions to improve the content’s SEO. For example, it can tell you what other topics to cover and where to put links.

SEO content production

In some cases, AI can generate content that will rank high on the search results page. Artificial intelligence is so advanced in producing content in natural human language that it can produce content for a set of hundreds of words. Although the content produced by artificial intelligence still needs to be reviewed by humans, it can greatly speed up the content creation process.

Maintain business information

Your business isn’t just on the search engine results page. There are different types of search engines other than Google, such as maps and voice search, where your website will be displayed. For this reason, it is necessary that your information is accurate and correct everywhere. Otherwise, your business will lose potential opportunities to attract customers. Ensuring that this information is correct on all platforms is a task that would be very time-consuming if done manually. For this reason, one of the applications of artificial intelligence in SEO and digital marketing is to automatically apply these changes to all platforms whenever information needs to be updated.

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Finally, will artificial intelligence replace SEO experts?

The introduction of artificial intelligence into various fields and doing things automatically and by machine has created the concern for the society that many jobs will disappear in the future. Although our purpose in this article is not to deal with this issue, we need to know if SEO expertise will disappear in the future?

Almost all experts agree that robots will never be able to replace humans. Fortunately, SEO and content creation jobs are safe from the danger of destruction in the future. In fact, the introduction of artificial intelligence to SEO is to help SEO experts, not to replace them. We can use artificial intelligence-based tools in all aspects of SEO, including content creation, link building, keyword research, data analysis, and SEO strategy in general. The result of using artificial intelligence in SEO is:

  • A more comprehensive strategy
  • High quality content production
  • More detailed data analysis
  • Increase the speed of doing things

As a result, SEO will continue to be one of the most lucrative jobs in the world in the future, and you can learn it by participating in a specialized SEO training course.

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