In recent decades, I have seen many businesses that, despite having great startup ideas, failed to present their products and services to the audience and somehow create a need in their target community.
According to studies, most of these businesses did not have a good leader and marketing team or could not spend their budget well in this sector. We have to accept that the marketing and sales team is the beating heart of a team because no business can continue its life without customers and go through its sales funnel.

In recent decades, with the development of technology, traditional marketing has largely given way to digital marketing. The reason for this revolution is the placement of digital space and various communication and management tools among all different groups and societies.
In this era, the emergence of artificial intelligence and technologies such as machine learning, the introduction of these technologies into the world of marketing, was able to pave the way for businesses in predicting the needs of customers, managing them, providing buying and selling solutions, marketing consulting, etc.

We have to agree that the information collected through engaging with the target community, potential customers, interested customers and actual customers, each individually, is a very valuable asset for your business. Machine learning algorithms can use this data to predict consumer behavior in different time frames and guide the digital marketing manager well by learning it in making decisions and planning micro and macro marketing strategies.

The issue of using machine learning systems in digital business is a “must” for all organizations that have been operating for years or startup businesses that have many competitors and limited budgets. Due to the complexities of the customer’s order and purchase process, which often involves several different platforms, it is a difficult and risky task.

In the past, digital marketers tried to get better and more accurate information from their target community by creating different contents and monitoring them strongly. But today, in order to escape from this red ocean, discovering the next move of customers and checking it can be very effective and efficient in establishing content strategies, advertising and digital campaigns of companies to get the best conversion and sales rates.

Machine learning algorithms in the path of digital marketing will guide you well in making decisions by understanding and identifying patterns, providing user behavior prediction models, etc. In the continuation of this article, I intend to address the tasks and facilities that machine learning algorithms provide to digital marketers:

1) Integration of digital data

Recent data-centered research conducted by the MIT Technology Foundation and Google has determined that building a marketing strategy by personalizing it for each customer has a very high return.

According to these studies, which were based on an extensive survey of more than 1,400 marketing managers, it was determined that marketing teams should base their strategy on data. Currently, marketing has made a big difference from previous years, and that is the decreasing importance of finding the society’s demand routine.

Today, marketing requires ownership of experience, collecting behavioral data of potential and interested customers, and most importantly, checking that machine learning algorithms can accompany you in this part of digital marketing.

2) Route design and estimation with machine learning

Let’s say that you are looking to launch a large email campaign in your personal business and for this purpose you have collected the emails of 2 million of your interested customers over a period of 5 years. You have written your content strategy and have considered a suitable CTA that is compatible with A/B testing criteria.

Next, you have two important problems!

  • How have these customers behaved with your email and non-email campaigns in the past?
  • How many categories should I divide my potential customer community into to personalize this campaign?

You definitely cannot do this without using an algorithm that monitors the behavior of your customers and can give you good suggestions with very little error.
I have not considered the effect of spam emails and so on in this section.

In this case, machine learning algorithms can correctly extract email addresses from their owners and provide you with a good grouping by estimating the success of this email. Basically, with machine learning, digital marketers can combine different elements and needs and estimate the probability of success of their business goals and campaigns.

3) Business monitoring with machine learning algorithms

With the introduction of machine learning technology into businesses, digital marketers were able to face other activities and risks in addition to changing their working methods.

According to studies, people who use machine learning for their research and marketing work spend only 10% of their time updating and making manual changes to this system.

As a result, these managers can devote more time to management and strategic decisions of their business or pay more attention to the design of various campaigns to attract potential customers and turn them into willing customers to complete their sales funnel.

Machine learning algorithms can compare the data and pre-purchase behavior of customers for you and predict the customer’s behavior and future goals for you.

For example, in a video game design company like EAsport, product managers do not touch the structure of the game or its elements without the reports and evidence of the customer performance research team.
Because the product managers are looking to upgrade and improve the user’s experience of the game, and to not listen to their feedback and their suggestions, actually making changes is just an additional cost and a mistake.
Machine learning systems in this process, along with simplifying the work of the research team, can predict customer behavior and provide a good analysis of their behavior by applying changes so that they can design and implement their strategy optimally.


The ability to collect, organize and analyze information from various statistical sources through machine learning systems can enable marketers to form structural blocks related to improving customer loyalty, which is the most important competitive advantage of companies.

4) Calculation of return on investment with machine learning

Machine learning can continuously calculate ROI. Marketers can measure the effectiveness of using different marketing strategies and determine the amount of isolated elements in each of these activities.

Keeping these components in mind, they can easily manage financial resources and eliminate low-yield channels. By combining the information of the research department and using machine learning for all the data of the organization, they know the marketing department of customers better, and this causes Business growth and marketing goals will be achieved.

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