We have all heard the name of Forbes magazine. We know that it publishes the list of the richest people in the world. It is a very important economic magazine. But in some of its contents (articles), this magazine very indirectly directs the reader to a specific business or a specific product. For example, an article is written in the technology section of this magazine about the new generation of electric motors. This is not an advertisement for electric motors. It is about the advantages of those engines. However, in the article, a link is given to one of the manufacturers of this type of engines.

What exactly does this mean? What’s the point of content when it doesn’t promote a specific product or a specific brand and doesn’t tell you to go buy from a certain brand? Interestingly, the same company whose name was mentioned in that Forbes content paid the magazine. And believe me, they paid a lot of money.

In Canada, some well-known news agencies, magazines or reputable content websites do these things. This work is called guest post. Guest blogging is both advertising and not advertising! It also plays a very important role in SEO. No site or business needs to buy guest posts.

but why? This content wants to answer this question and other important and related questions. What is guest blogging? Why is it important in SEO? From which sites should I buy guest posts? How much should an SEO expert spend on guest blogging? Rest assured that there is no question about buying a guest post that I have not answered.

Tips for buying guest posts for SEO

In short, SEO means that Google sees your site and trusts it, and then shows it to users. Gaining Google’s trust is more important for SEO of store sites, because SEO means more profit. In order for Google to trust your site, various things must be done. Both the site and the contents of the site must have features and other reputable sites must link to your site.

Without getting links from sites that are valid in the eyes of Google, it becomes very difficult and time-consuming for an SEO expert. The various signals that reach your site are very important for Google. When a reputable site links to your site, it is as if it is introducing you to Google.

By buying guest posts, the SEO expert actually buys backlinks and signals for his site. This helps to speed up the site’s SEO and attract Google’s attention. Guest blogging is an important and integral part of the link building strategy of all SEO experts. But buying a guest post is not a very easy task and the SEO expert must pay attention to various important points.

What is guest blogging?

When a non-promotional and attractive content on a reputable site links to your site or a page of your site with the target keyword for your business, you are a guest post. This non-promotional linked content is called a guest post. There are sites that charge you a certain fee for publishing such content. The more reliable the site (media) and the more visits, the more expensive the tariff.

A guest post must have certain characteristics. Do not think that the quality of the text of the report is not important. Quality content is always and everywhere important to Google. In addition to the text, the site where you post a guest post, its time and the number of times you can publish a guest post on a site are also important factors.

Why is it important to buy guest posts?

Guest blogging means backlink. I talked about it a little. The number of links to your site is important to Google. The more backlinks from reputable sites to a site or page, the more Google trusts that site. Backlinks should have another important feature: being permanent. Buying a link is a mistake and if Google finds out that a site has bought a link, it will penalize it. If the links are temporary, it will harm the SEO of the site. So guest posting is the best and safest way to get permanent backlinks from reputable sites, without fear of getting penalized!

What are the characteristics of a valid and successful guest post?

The main purpose of a guest post is to send a signal to Google that it is a valid site for our site. But in the meantime, we should not neglect attracting the user and persuading him to click on the guest post link. The guest post must also be clickable. The title and text of the guest post is successful and professional when it draws the user to our site. A successful guest post that achieves both goals should have the following characteristics:

Catchy Title

The guest post title should be catchy and different enough to compel the user to read the entire content.

Educational Content

As mentioned, a guest post should not be written as an advertisement. For this reason, the guest post should have a completely educational content that gives useful information to the user.

Use of statistics and figures

Use correct and up-to-date statistics and figures in the text. This is why the user learns something and trusts you.

Appropriate tone and thematic connection

The text of the guest post should be written in full relation to the target keyword, the main site topic, as well as the topic and field of work of the site where the guest post is published. The tone of the text should also be suitable for the audience of the site that publishes the guest post. For example, if we post a guest post on a news site, we must write a news guest post.

Readable and fluent content

The text of the guest post should be so readable, fluent and attractive that the user cannot stop reading it. It should be a text that is so useful, practical and convincing that the user does not hesitate to click on the link.

Use of different types of content

The best guest post is the guest post that has video, photo, audio (podcast) and text all together. Of course, relevant and attractive video, photo and sound.

One or two links to the target site

The content of the guest post is not supposed to give multiple links to the target site. The guest post should have a link with the target keyword or brand name. If necessary, another link may be added. But more than 2 links are wrong.

From which sites should I buy guest posts?

In a word, you should buy guest posts from sites related to the topic and field of business. That is, if you have a site that conducts SEO and digital marketing training courses and you want to post a guest post for the SEO course, you cannot and should not choose financial sites. In the guest post, nothing is more important and decisive than the thematic connection between two sites. If your site is medical and health, to buy the first guest post, you should look for sites and magazines that operate in the field of medicine and health. In addition to the discussion of the topic and field of work, the following criteria should also be taken into account:

Site domain authority or DA

Domain authority or Domain Authority is a number from 1 to 100 that moz gives to sites. moz predicts a site’s chance of ranking in search engines based on a set of different factors. The closer the authority is to 100, the stronger the domain is and the more likely it is to rank and gain the trust of search engines.

Alexa Rank

Alexa rank determines the popularity of the site among users and its visits. Rank 1 is the most visited. Sites that have an Alexa rank above 1000 in any country are weak and less visited sites.

Spam Score

This metric also belongs to MOZ. This number, the lower the better, indicates how much Google (search engines) may penalize a site for not following the standards.


After all, every business has limits for its expenses. The price of guest posts is also different based on the validity and the number of visits to the sites. Based on the budget he has for buying guest posts, the SEO expert should choose one or more of the most relevant and reliable sites.

When should an SEO expert buy guest posts and how many?

Should an SEO expert buy guest posts every day? Or every month? At what intervals should you buy guest posts? The answer to this question determines the position of the keyword you want to get to the first line. For example, the keyword of your business goal is SEO training. The landing of this word is now the first page of line 6. The goal of the SEO expert is to bring it to the forefront.

First, according to the criteria we mentioned, it selects a site to buy guest posts. It means the most relevant, reliable and most visited site that has a low spam score and fits the business budget.

Second, write a good and useful guest post, with the features mentioned, around 700-1000 words. In it, it links to the landing page with the target keyword (site SEO training). Then, he publishes the guest post on the site.

Third, he waits 5-10 days to see how much the landing rank changes.

Fourth, if you reach the first line, that’s it. Another guest post may go to stabilize the position on a site (not to the credit of the first one).

Fifth, if there is no significant change in ranking, we will again choose a strong site and buy guest posts. If you targeted the first guest post with a keyword, now it’s time for the brand name and long tail keywords (like SEO training in Toronto). We will evaluate the rank change again and then make a decision.

Sixth, note that the best time to start buying guest posts is when the page is dancing in Google. Sometimes the SEO expert may follow all the principles and standards, but the page does not grow. In these cases, buying a guest post is very helpful.

How many ways are there to buy guest posts?

Guest posts can be bought in two ways: through intermediary sites (indirectly) or directly from the target site:

Buy guest post from intermediary sites

If you google “buy guest post”, you will find many intermediary sites. These sites provide a topical collection of all sites that publish guest posts. The good thing about using intermediary sites is that it determines and makes available to you the validity domain, Alexa rank, spam score of all those sites along with the guest post publication rate. This advantage makes it easier for you to compare. You just need to create an account to be able to use the services of these sites. Another advantage is that you can take advantage of the discounts that intermediary sites give for buying several guest posts (campaigns).

Direct purchase of ad reportage

Maybe your target site where you want your guest post to be published is not on intermediary sites. In this case, you should directly contact that site and ask about the terms of purchasing the guest post.

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