“You must have backlinks for SEO.” “You can not SEO the site at all without buying backlinks.” “15 sites that give you free links.” “We buy cheap and permanent backlinks for you.” “How to buy backlinks without being penalized?” If you are dealing with SEO, you must have heard one of those sentences. Some of those statements are true and some are false.

Backlinks are important in SEO. It is true that the site needs backlinks to rank. And it is true that it will grow very slowly without backlinks. But not every link is valuable. The link that helps the SEO site should have features. That is, some search engines (Google) find links to be important and effective, and others do not accept them at all. Search engines may penalize a site for taking some backlinks.

What should an SEO expert do in this situation? How to build valuable and credible links? Should I buy backlinks or not? Is there a way to buy backlinks but not be fined? What about site owners? To what extent can they trust the advertising and professionalism of SEO experts? In this comprehensive training, based on reliable sources in the SEO website, correct and reliable answers to these questions are given.

How to build valuable backlinks?

Before entering into the main discussion, I must say a few important points. This tutorial does not talk about buying backlinks at all. Because buying backlinks is dangerous and is one of the black SEO techniques. Some of these backlinks are temporary and when they are no more, the site and its rankings are severely damaged. Google designed the Penguin algorithm to find and penalize sites that created or purchased unrealistic backlinks for themselves.

Google carefully monitors the backlinks and finally realizes that the backlinks are abnormal and purchased. Then it will definitely penalize the site.

In addition to buying backlinks, there is another technique called PBN linking or Private Blog Network. This technique is also black SEO and is not recommended at all. In this technique, the SEO expert creates several other sites or blogs with different names and publishes content in it. Links from these sites or blogs to the main site. Some SEOs use this networking very cautiously and with tricks. But in any case, you should know that the risk of this work is very high.

Here are some ways to build natural, free and real backlinks that Google will not suspect you and your link building. The only important points that need to be said are what backlinks are and why they are important.

What is a backlink and why is it important to build backlinks in SEO?

Imagine you are an SEO freelancer. You read this and found it very informative. You decide to write about backlinks on your blog or site or Facebook. At the end of that article, you put a link to this content. By doing this, you gave backlinks to this site. This content and site also got backlinks from you. This backlink is very valuable for Google and this site. Because it has created a real and natural user backlink.

Backlinks actually tell Google what real users think about the site and the content. They are important because of this. Because Google understands with backlinks that content is useful to users and answers their questions and is content that can be trusted. So Google gives him a better ranking. For this reason, it is said that the more backlinks a site has, the better it will rank.

Finally, let’s get to the point!

1. Get backlinks with reference content and specialized guides

This is a difficult and time consuming way. But the result is incredible. You need to write such comprehensive content about one of your site’s keywords that it is unmatched by competing sites anywhere in cyberspace. The name of this comprehensive content may be a specialized guide or a comprehensive guide. When you select a keyword, do a Google search for it. Examine the contents of the first to third lines. Write much better and more comprehensive content than that. Say all the things that are not said in the content. Then, once you have written and published the comprehensive content, spread it on social media. Let those who work in that field see your content.

2. Get backlinks from sites that support your content

Check which sites linked to which of your content. By doing this, you will find out which type of your content is the most popular. So you can produce that kind of content. The search console will help you with this. From this tool you can get the Top Linking site report. Once you have a list of sites that have given you backlinks, you can check what other sites they have in common with your site. You can also create content on those topics.

3. Get backlinks by exchanging links

Imagine you have a site that sells photography equipment. There is also an educational site that offers photography courses. Well, if you link to that site in your content and he links to you, you both help each other. This type of link exchange and collaboration between sites is very common. You have many ways to find reputable sites that are relevant to your field of work. One way is to find the sites of celebrities in your field; For example, the famous photography site. He can link to your site and you can link to his site (his photos). Of course, note that this cooperation should not be exaggerated. Because linking becomes artificial.

4. Build backlinks for yourself using competitors’ backlinks

In SEO, you learn a lot from your competitors’ site. What sites and blogs does your competitor site link to? With what content? With which keywords? By looking at these, you too can go for the same keywords and content. Just make sure all links to the competitor site are permanent. If the link is temporary, it is of no use. So first you need to check the credibility of the source and the type of link it has given to the competitor. Basically this general rule in getting backlinks should not be forgotten:

Look for sites that have a high domain reputation. Because search engines see links from reputable domains as high quality and valuable links.

5. Get backlinks with infographics

The infographics are fascinating. They make large amounts of data available to users in a simple and visual way. So remember, don’t just produce one type of content (text only). You do not need to create multiple infographics. If you create an attractive and comprehensive infographic related to your main keyword and republish it on social networks, it is enough and it will get good backlinks for you.

6. Get backlinks by writing for others (Guest Blogging / Guest Post)

In building backlinks, you should look for new opportunities and build partnerships with reputable sites in the field of your site. Many sites, especially stores, are looking for their customers (real users) to write reviews (customer satisfaction) for their products. You can use this opportunity. Write reviews for products that are related to your field of work and instead ask for backlinks to your site from that site. In general, commenting on relevant and useful content from other reputable sites and writing for them should not be neglected.

Guest posts are another opportunity to build backlinks by writing for other sites or blogs. There are some sites whose content is written by different authors, something like a medium on the English web. These sites usually allow guest authors to include links in their content.

7. Get backlinks from podcasts, interviews and forums

Identify sites and people who produce podcasts in your field. Ask them how you can become a guest on one of their podcasts or how they can introduce you and link to your site in a podcast that is related to one of your content. You may even be able to sponsor an episode (which of course is no longer free).

Maybe you have something to say in your area of ​​expertise or something you can introduce. For example, you are a successful digital marketer. You should find online magazines or news outlets that cover technology and the Internet. See what conditions they have for the interview and what topics are of interest to them. It is also important to make sure they link to another site at the end of the interview.

The links that are given to a site from forums are one of the best and most reputable backlinks. Because Google knows that these links are given to users by a site. It is not difficult to find forums. Just do a Google search for the domain name you want in addition to the forum keyword.

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