Video content production for Instagram, which exists in four formats, has been welcomed by many people in recent years. Which format is suitable for your business depends on the request of the employer and your plans; There may be room in your strategy to produce content on multiple social media outlets, or you may decide to focus on just one. About 64% of customers will purchase from you after watching video content, which means that video content production will have a great impact on your audience in addition to being highly popular. In addition, the human brain will process video faster than text.

In this article, we will examine the creation of video content on Instagram and the tools you will need to create content.

Types of video content on Instagram

Video content production will be able to attract more audience to your business but which type of video content production you will use depends on the type of your business. In this section, we will learn about the types of video content production for Instagram.

Instagram story

Instagram stories are one of the ways that can help you increase organic leads and conversions. In each update, new features of Instagram increase, which can be effective in improving the performance of your content. According to a Facebook survey, more than 50% of people will visit a website or brand after seeing a story. Despite the short time of stories, daily more than 500 million people will visit stories and visit the target website to get services.

Instagram videos

Video publishing on Instagram became more updated with the update of Instagram features; In the past, people were able to publish one-minute videos, but with the advent of IGTV, users were able to produce longer videos.

Live Instagram

Instagram Live allows users to communicate with each other remotely. Holding webinars, interviews, and workshops on Instagram Live is one of the ways you can use in creating video content for Instagram. Instagram Lives was also updated with the update of Insta’s algorithms to the point where different features were added to them for the convenience of users.


The latest video content production format for Instagram is Reels, inspired by TikTok. These contents, like other video formats, can include hashtags, product labels, and other features that exist in video content; Also, people can help to increase their visits and interaction rate by liking these contents.

12 great tools for creating video content

Due to its high popularity, video marketing has managed to take control of many social networks. Once you’ve chosen a suitable topic for your video content production, it’s time to bring that concept to life. There are many tools for creating video content for Instagram and other social platforms, we will get to know some of them below.


The Splasheo tool is an easy-to-use app for content marketers that you can use to frame your videos for more visual impact; Also, considering that the time of most videos is less than two minutes, you can produce integrated content with this tool. Splasheo video content creation tools help you attract more audiences by adding attractive subtitles.

Create video content with Wistia

Wistia is more than just a video customization tool that can host a variety of video content for any brand. Users can choose thumbnails and custom colors in this tool and easily add their logos and personalizations. The ability to integrate this program with other marketing platforms for analysis is one of the unique features of this tool that will save you time.

Content creation tool Camtasia SnagIt from TechSmith

There are many reasons why brand ambassadors and content marketers might want to record what’s happening on their screens and then share it with the world. Using this tool, you can create interactive content with quizzes and other features to help engage your audience.

Vidyard video content creation tool

This tool has three main sections, which include: video hosting, screen recording and sharing, and video personalization. This tool will provide you with in-depth analysis so that you can know your audience better. Personalizing videos using Vidyard’s video content creation tool is one of the capabilities that is of great importance for content marketers because in this way they can improve conversions, create and maintain audiences and the quality of communication with them.

PlaceIt tool

In many cases, it doesn’t make sense to start your content marketing project from scratch; That’s why the PlaceIt tool will come to your aid here. This platform, which is considered the largest repository of visual templates on the Internet, is suitable for people who design different types of videos. Offering hundreds of templates, PlaceIt can be great for creating professional-looking videos.

Create video content with Wirecast

Many famous brands produce video content to introduce their services or products. By turning your computer into a TV device, the Wirecast tool helps you to have an event to introduce your brand. Overall, the Wirecast tool is a great tool to seamlessly record live events, add transitions, and effects, and broadcast them live on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Video shop

Another video content production tool that will show you good results by providing complete features is the Videoshop tool. This program, produced for both iOS and Android versions, will make your work easier by creating different versions of a video.

Magisto tool

Content marketers know how hard it is to edit a piece of content that can be effective in attracting your audience, but the Magisto tool has been able to take this heavy burden off your shoulders. This video content creation tool has a different approach to video editing, as this tool uses smart algorithms to select your best photos and videos and use them to create interesting video content. Magisto can do more customization for you using artificial intelligence.

Among the features of this tool are:

  • Ability to access the library to upload the videos you want
  • Adjust the speed for slow and fast movements
  • Excellent support for HD resolution
  • Choose from multiple filters
  • Add animation

Create video content with Promolta tool

As we found out, many things are done for video production, but video promotion is one of the things that can be effective in exposing your content. This tool is one of the advertising programs that can integrate with YouTube, which can be effective in increasing your visitors.

Stacker tool

Another advertising tool for video marketers is Stacker, using this tool you can publish posts simultaneously; Also, scheduling posts according to the area where you live is another feature of the Stacker tool. This content creation tool collects all the comments and messages your content receives and stores them in an inbox. Another feature of the Stacker tool is providing reports to further optimize the content.

Canva, a tool for creating video content

Canva is one of the most popular tools for creating video content. While many marketers use this tool for graphic designs, Canva can render your static designs as GIFs and videos.

Animoto tool

The Animoto tool provides you with the ability to create a drag-and-drop video using a marker. According to the experience of people who have used this tool, the Animoto tool can easily turn still photos and text into attractive videos for you to use on social media.

Video content creation tools for Instagram

Now that you have chosen the video you want to publish on Instagram, it is time to use the video content creation tools for Instagram to produce higher quality and user-friendly content. Some of these tools are:

Adobe Spark

You can use the Adobe Spark video content creation tool to automatically measure Instagram videos; Also, adding interactive elements and using photos and sound are other features of using this tool.

Hootsuite, a video content creation tool

The Hootsuite platform is ideal for content that requires teamwork and approval; You can also manage all your video content in the library of this tool. The scheduling capability of this tool allows you to specify the time of content publication and identify the gaps in the content.

Create video content with Clipomatic tools

Clipomatic is used to add live captions to social videos. The feature of this tool is that when you speak, it will be able to add subtitles to your content. This tool is available in more than 30 living languages of the world and this has made it popular.

Horizon tool

This program, which is for creating video content for Instagram, will help you in editing Instagram videos. Most Instagram users record their videos in portrait mode because it is the best option for Instagram and the user can view your video in full screen. Horizon Tool offers a free version for Android users, however, it has limitations and you can only record 15-second clips.

Create video content with InShot

InShot video editing app is built for iPhone and Android users to edit videos quickly. Despite the limitations of this tool, it is very easy to use. Making a collage and adding a filter to the video is one of the features of this tool.

iMovie content creation tool

iMovie is designed for iOS users and may be the easiest Instagram video editing tool for you. This program has a user-friendly and organized interface that helps you create good-quality videos with many great editing features.


VideoShow is a versatile video editor and a great solution for editing Instagram videos. This tool allows you to make attractive and stunning videos. This tool has ready-made templates that you can use to create videos in the shortest possible time.

Create video content with Quik

A video editing app created by GoPro. You can make professional videos by using this application and by collecting videos together. This program can receive up to 500 videos simultaneously; So it is suitable for people who want to make a video for Instagram IGTV or multiple scenes. When using this tool, you don’t need any video editing experience, because with this program you can put together a series of clips.

Quik Tool Features:

  • Video duration selection based on social media platforms
  • Video output in MP4, MOV, H264 formats
  • Play music fast or slow
  • Ability to add text and music
  • Formatting for Instagram
  • Multiple filters

Adobe Premiere Rush tool

This tool, formerly known as Adobe Premiere Clip, is a free video editing program that is associated with Adobe Premiere Pro. The program offers two forms of editing to meet your needs: free form and automatic. FreeForm mode lets you take control and do all the editing yourself, while Auto mode will create the video for you with smooth transitions and cropping of selected footage. If you have worked with Adobe programs before, this program will be familiar to you in terms of editing. Their free mode is one of the most useful tools for creating customized and high-quality videos. The features of this program include:

  • Transfer your work to Adobe Premiere Pro to make final edits.
  • It allows you to sync everything to the cloud.
  • It will be downloaded on any device.
  • Clipomatic, a tool for creating video content

A smart video editor that will turn your words into captions for your desired video. All you have to do is hit the Record button and record your voice. You can customize your videos using this tool. This tool, which supports more than 30 languages, allows you to fully personalize your videos. This tool is suitable for people who are looking to educate their audience and who will benefit the most by using this tool.

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