In recent years, the use of social networks, especially Instagram, has made significant progress in our country. But I don’t think you have the patience to read or know the rules of Instagram. Have you ever read Instagram’s rules and regulations? Instagram rules are very strict and if you break them, it can damage your Instagram business and get you suspended.

Important rules of Instagram

1. Review of platforms related to Instagram

In the first step, if we want to adhere to the rules and regulations of Instagram, we must use a third-party tool or program to post on Instagram (this tool must be trusted). Also, the trusted tool means the same official program as Instagram. For example, agorapulse is an Instagram-like app that helps you manage your business, Instagram branding, planning, and direct publishing.

At the same time, we should remember that if we unintentionally use other programs and break the rules of Instagram, this can be considered an alarm for our brand. For example, do not use programs that offer likes and followers, because none of these services are approved by Instagram. In addition, you should not give others access to your Instagram account! In the end, you don’t like to use programs that will violate the rules of Instagram and cause distrust in your brand.

2. Do not use prohibited hashtags

All Instagram hashtags are not the same, and using one of the prohibited hashtags violates Instagram regulations, and no justification from the user is acceptable. In this way, Instagram has a list of prohibited hashtags that they do not want users to use on their platform. If you somehow use these hashtags in the caption of a post, Instagram will limit that post and it will not be shown in your followers’ feeds.

Hashtags that are related to unwanted content are usually included in the banned list; Such as drugs, and hunting bounty. These hashtags are usually known for violating Instagram’s community guidelines. Search the hashtags you use carefully and make sure they are related to your audience, otherwise, if it gives meaning other than other meanings, you may become a shadow band. Shadowban is where accounts, posts, or hashtags are blocked without the user’s knowledge so that their posts and accounts become invisible even to users who don’t follow them. Sometimes, page followers may not see the same posts.

Instagram has not explicitly commented on the banned hashtags and has not provided a list of them for review. If you intend to use hashtags on Instagram, it is better to check the desired hashtags first so that you do not use them if they are banned. In addition, it’s a good idea to have a set of different hashtags that match your posts, because the constant use of duplicate hashtags can indicate to Instagram that you’re a bot or a fake account.

3. Don’t act like a robot

Instagram’s rules are such that it uses real human ads and can recognize bot-like activity on the platform. You may not use robots, but you may act like one. Behaviors such as the following can cause problems for your account:

  • Follow and unfollow more than 60 people in an hour
  • If you are a new Instagram user, your total activity is limited to 500 actions, including liking, commenting, uploading low-quality images or videos, and repeatedly tagging people who should not be tagged in your post.
  • Using images that violate copyright laws
  • Post a comment on multiple posts
  • Post more than 60 comments in an hour
  • Like more than 300 posts in an hour

4. Beware of spreading false information

As mentioned, Instagram’s strict rules help you grow in any field, and one of the disadvantages of the application is that Instagram is not a place for controversial discussions, or if it is, don’t use your brand’s page to do it. You can use networks like Telegram for this. If you are forced to publish false information in any way, you will likely be limited to one of the following:

  • Instagram users may not be able to tag or mention an account that has repeatedly shared false information.
  • If someone tries to follow one of your flagged accounts, they will see a warning that the account has already posted false information.
  • Instagram will not include accounts that frequently post false information in Explorer.
  • Finally, Instagram disables accounts that act against the instructions.

5. Don’t break Instagram’s content rules

Instagram also has rules for content creation, so if you want to launch an Instagram ad or contest to attract new followers, attract existing followers, and also to promote your brand, make sure you know the rules of the game before doing so.

Some of the main rules of content creation are as follows:

  • Some of Instagram’s advertising rules state that you must not tag content incorrectly or encourage users to tag content incorrectly (for example, if people are not in the photo, don’t tag them in the photo).
  • The content creation should be consistent with the advertisement you are doing so that it does not take the users to another place.
  • If you run an Instagram contest on your account, introduce the brand that hosts the contest.
  • If you have a prize in mind, include details of the prize and any restrictions.
  • The start and end date must be included in the description and details of the competition.
  • Announce when and how the winners will be selected.
  • Announce the awarding time.
  • Contact all winners via private message.

Do not ignore the comments in the discussion of content creation and if a user takes the time to interact with you, be sure to participate in the discussion with him. Your Instagram account will help your brand grow a lot if you have a good sharing schedule. Ask your followers for their next contest, and you’ll become a trusted brand.

6. Checking the prohibited content on Instagram

Instagram’s rules for prohibited content are strict. In this way, you should not use prohibited content in posts, advertisements, images, and videos. Some of these prohibited contents are as follows:

  • Buying and selling firearms
  • Buying and selling alcoholic beverages
  • Online gambling
  • Sexual content
  • Hate speech
  • Buying and selling tobacco
  • Any illegal prescription drugs
  • Sale of live animals (rare or smuggled animals)
  • Financial products that promise wealth or profit
  • corruption
  • Threats of physical harm or financial loss
  • Talk about self-harm
  • Promoting mental disorders, whether eating or extreme dieting
  • Fictitious images or videos depicting unreal events
  • Images or videos that promote violence

The factors mentioned above are considered prohibited content in the rules of Instagram, and if any of them are posted, it will be a threat to the user’s branding. Other factors may double Instagram’s strictness on your account:

  • Activity history of your Instagram account
  • The number of followers you have
  • Your account activity

Remember that Instagram’s rules, or content rules, also apply to images, so don’t think that you can ignore Instagram’s rules for illegal images with prohibited content. If you manage an Instagram page for yourself or other businesses, knowing and following the rules of Instagram will help you grow and develop your brand or the brand of others. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to blocked advertising accounts.

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