What are the best and most famous front-end site design and development frameworks in 2022? Why are some front-end frameworks more popular than others? If a website designer or front-end developer must learn a framework, which one would it be?

Website design and development has become almost easy. In addition to content management systems (such as WordPress), programmers and site designers can use various frameworks for front-end and back-end development. Website design frameworks make website and web application development faster and more efficient.

But the problem is that no programmer and developer can learn to work with all programming languages, all libraries and all frameworks. Frameworks, like programming languages, have different features and uses. So, the website designer must clarify his task and decide which frameworks he needs in his career and career path.

In this content, I answer the questions raised at the beginning and introduce the best front-end framework in 2022.

Introducing the most important and popular front-end frameworks in 2022

Before dealing with frameworks, it is necessary to say a few points very briefly. First, as it is clear from the title, the subject of this content is the introduction of the best front-end or client-side site development frameworks (that part of the site that the user sees and interacts with). In another content, the best back-end or server-side frameworks will be introduced.

Second, it is necessary to answer the question why a website designer or someone who plans to become a website designer must learn to work with front-end frameworks. Is it not possible to build a front-end site or web application without frameworks? Why definitely? The front end of all sites should not necessarily be developed with a framework. But the point here is what career and professional path the website designer has taken for himself. And what do marketers and employers expect from the site designer.

A programmer or web designer may want to become a front-end developer. It means to work very specialized on the development of front-end sites and web applications. Or he may want to become a full stack developer. In both cases, he should improve his skills. Mastery of important and widely used frameworks is among the skills that front-end developers and full-stack developers need.

1. The best and most popular front-end framework in 2022 is React

It is not an exaggeration if I say that all roads lead to the powerful React framework for designing the user interface of websites and web applications. To prove the popularity of React in the world, it is enough to take a look at the statistics. According to statistics from statista.com, after Node.js, which is for back-end development, React.js is the most used framework among developers in the world.

React or React JS or React.js is a JavaScript library for front-end design. This framework was released by Meta (Facebook) in 2013. React is a free and open source framework and there are many online resources to learn about it. The following are among the most important features and benefits of React:

  • React is a component-oriented framework. That is, the developer does not need to code everything and all the components from scratch to design the UI components of the website pages. In React, he can define components that have different behaviors in different parts of the site (components that can be used over and over again). This feature greatly speeds up the creation of the site’s user interface.
  • Web designers must design the site first for small screens, i.e. mobile (mobile first design). If the front-end developer has built the site with React, he does not have to worry about the display and speed of the site on mobile devices.
  • React allows the developer to easily update old web applications (legacy app) and adapt them to new technologies. Therefore, the developer does not need to rewrite the entire old web app. With React, it updates and modernizes only the components and parts that are needed.

2. Angular is the second most used framework for front-end development

If we take a look at the statistics again, after jQuery (which is introduced in detail in another content, titled Get to know jQuery) and express, which is a framework for back-end development, we come to the Angular framework. Angular is a free and open source framework that was released by Google in 2016. Angular is built with the TypeScript language. TypeScript is a language that is a subset of JavaScript, but it has some differences. The most important difference between TypeScript and JavaScript is that it is used for programming complex and large-scale projects (thousands of lines of code).

Angular is also a component-oriented framework and can be used to develop front-end sites and web applications for different devices and platforms. But the most important feature is that Angular is dedicated to the development of SPA (Single-page application) or single-page web applications. Single-page web applications are programs or web apps that have only one page, and based on the user’s needs, only the content that should and is needed is updated and loaded, and not the whole page, like Gmail. Angular defines itself as:

“Angular is an application design framework and development platform for creating efficient and sophisticated single-page apps.”

3. Vue.js is a framework that has nothing less than Angular

After Angular and with a very small difference is the ViewJS framework. Approximately 19% of developers in the world use Vue.js for front-end development. ViewJS is also a JavaScript framework, open source and free, which was released in 2014. Two things differentiate Vue.js from Angular: Vue.js is faster and easier.

ViewJS has another important feature: it is very flexible. That is, if you are a novice developer who has a small project and knows HTML and JavaScript very well, you can get help from ViewJS to develop the user interface of your project. If the project is complex, Vue.js is still the right choice. The motto of this framework is that because the design and development of each site is unique and has its own needs, ViewJS establishes a balance and proportion between the needs and complexities of the project, the experience of the developer and the result to be achieved.

Income and job market of React, Angular and ViewJS developer in the world

It is still too early to decide. If you read content similar to this content, several front-end frameworks and their features are listed. But the names and features of the frameworks and even the statistics are not enough to draw conclusions and answer the question that the website designer should spend time and energy and learn which framework. A framework for front-end development may be very powerful, but not many employers and projects in the market need it. Therefore, the labor market and the income of framework developers are also important in decision making.

If you search for React developer on the indeed site, you will find 45,000 job positions all over the world. But there are almost 18,000 jobs for Angular developers and about 3,000 for Vue.js developers. A React developer earns an average salary of $106,000 a year in the United States and £50,000 in the UK. The annual salary of an Angular developer in the United States is $105,000, and in England it is equal to that of a React developer. The annual salary of a ViewJS developer in America is equal to that of a React developer, and in England it is 45 thousand pounds.


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