RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication in web design. RSS is a format for outputting information. RSS is a special format (XML) file that contains the latest headlines from news sites, blogs, and the like. In fact, as the site updates, its RSS file is automatically updated. The contents of RSS files can be viewed with the help of special software or websites that provide this possibility.

Top ten and most popular RSS reader websites


Interesting feed reader with user-friendly features but poor performance and very limited. Many people like it, but since the blogging company SixApart bought it, it has seen that its progress has stopped. It does not have the ability to play multimedia files.


NewNewsWire brother for Windows and worthy son of NewsGator. It is successful in finding new content, feeds and displaying photos, and one of its inherited weaknesses is that it does not play multimedia files.

Feed Lounge

It became popular among users with incredible speed. But when all these websites read your feeds for free, why bother paying a monthly fee for this? New content tracks feeds, displays photos very well, and its bugs do not allow you to play audio and video files inside.

Newsgator Online

The website offers two very successful desktop feed reader programs, FeedDemon and NetNewsWire, as well as a free online feed reader. All of these products are compatible and can also be accessed via mobile. With all these positive features, it can not cover audio and video files. Also, its low speed has caused many users to ignore its very good features.


NewsFire is a desktop feed reader program for MAC computers that is very attractive, fast and at the same time able to play video files within the program itself. But the problem is that it does not play audio files. It is terribly inflexible and you will have to adjust to it. Good for everyone, great for a limited number of users.


NetNewsWire, the first child of NewsGator, is a desktop feed reader built for MAC computers. Fast and flexible but unable to play multimedia files. A big zero in a record with brilliant scores.

Google Reader

As always, Google has applied the best quality to other competitors in this area. Google Reader is an almost new feed reader compared to its competitors that has simply been able to attract a large number of users. The reason for this success, apart from the good reputation of its owner, is the speed, power and simplicity of the user interface. Google Feed Reader supports YouTube videos and plays them, but does not play some other Flash video feeds. The site is also equipped with a simple audio player that also covers audio feeds.


If RSSOwl was considered for work only, it would undoubtedly get a better score. It is free with all the features you would expect from a feed reader. But it’s a little difficult to work with, so you have to hit a few keys and so on to read a feed. It can be considered an ugly version of NetNewsWire that has more features. Like medicine: bitter and useful


It looks beautiful and magical, but it’s a little hard to work with. Also, the problem is that it does not support audio and video files.


Blog Lines, despite its simple appearance, is very strong and flexible. For many years, this site was the most popular feed reader among users, and recently it has added the ability to play Flash video feeds. Although it does not support all video formats.

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