Like all elements used in web design, the footer of a website can have a different impression on the design and in the minds of users. There are few sites whose footer design is completely specialized and suitable for the purposes of the site.
If you are a web designer, you know that every element of a website has its own place and purpose.
Many designers design pages from top to bottom; That is, it focuses on headers, sidebar, and main content, and the footer is often overlooked in website design.
Below are some good examples of practical plans for making a targeted footer, with thoughtful choices.

Footer beautification

Using large icons with captivating designs, using basic design principles such as using empty space and changing contrast can really attract attention.
If you have only a few main links to offer you will also have a great opportunity to have a very nice footer. You can show your design skills by making a few sections using basic design principles.
Implement these principles on your website in a way that emphasizes the rest of the website and conveys a good and lasting feeling to the user.

Put affiliate links and credits in the footer

Footer is the best place to put links such as terms and conditions, copyright, affiliate links, partners, related services and anything else that is indirectly related to promoting your company.
You definitely don’t want to scatter these links all over your site. These links are seldom more important than the main content of the site, but if they should be on your website, the best place for them would definitely be in the footer.


Deleting a contact information link can be very frustrating for people who are looking for a way to connect with you.
Try to provide your contact information in a complete and transparent manner. Also, if you use postal services to offer products on the site, be sure to include the address and postal code of your location.
Having contact information in the footer is a popular way to get a good result today. Also, a link that can not be easily found on the page can disappoint the visitor to continue working, so you should provide every opportunity for the visitor to connect with you.

Get in touch

Most sites, especially blogs, always have a list of popular content as well as recent social media updates in their footer or blog.
Nowadays, it is very common to see links to places where users can interact with site operators or other followers. Unlike other options, this is a great way to make your website template dynamic by still offering suggestions to get people to the bottom of the page.

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