In the previous section, we talked about interaction in the footer. Today we want to tell you more tips for designing a beautiful and wonderful footer in web design.

Organize links

Organize links in the footer to keep them regular; So that users can quickly find the information they want. It is also important to consider the organizational differences between the footer made by you and how the main parts are arranged. Excessive differences in categories, disregard for hierarchy, or other organizational aspects may confuse users.
If you have a lot of links in your footer, you have definitely chosen the Sitemap model for yourself. It is best to divide them into related sections and place each section in a column.
For example, if you have a company news link, a link about us, a link to collaborate with us, and a contact page, you should list them in order of importance and put them in a column titled About Us.

Insert search bar

Footer is the last place that the visitor will see before leaving the website to search for the desired content. So helping him/her find his/her favorite subject in any way can be very important. This also gives you the opportunity to view other pages that are likely to be relevant to your topic, which will increase your website traffic.
Sometimes your user will not be able to find what they are looking for. In this case, the footer is the best place to put the search bar. Where visitors can find what they are looking for or search for it using keywords or topics.
If you still do not know if your search bar is being used, keep in mind that you can create a hidden form field, a variable URL, or a separate action for the form. This way you can find out how many users you have been able to keep on the site using the search bar.

Put a sitemap in the footer

Different visitors like to see different content. So having a sitemap with different links can attract a lot of them and this will increase the number of visits to your site per page visited by each user.
Sitemap Footers can also be an opportunity to get more involved in designing other parts of the site, so that if the contents of your footer have a coherent structure with full details of the entire website. Sometimes even the best designers reconsider their design style; Especially when they come across a site with an unusual and creative design. One of the best ways to persuade visitors who are finishing the content of a page of your site and are thinking about the next step of their web browsing is to put a sitemap in the footer. You can now design the rest of your website much more creatively than ever before, knowing that the entire structure of your site is perfectly transparent at the bottom of each page. Providing a link to all the content of the site in a concise and organized way is a great solution to keep visitors interested in continuing to search your site, and there is certainly no better place than footer to do so.

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