Sliders are actually part of a web design that displays specific content in a series of slides. This content can include photos, information on a specific topic, news, new articles and links, etc. Slides can also be designed to move automatically, or the user can move them or actually flip through them.

One of the advantages of placing a slider in the design of the website is that it allows site owners to put several articles or several different photos on their site; Without taking up much space.

Slider contents

By placing the appropriate content inside the sliders, those topics can be highlighted and make the user more motivated to read them and flip through the different slides. Since in site design, sliders are usually placed at the top of the page, so usually the first part of the website that is seen by the user will be these sliders, and this makes their content the first thing the user sees from the site. Slowly In fact, for this reason, sometimes the sliders that are designed at the top of the home screen can be used as a part to greet the user.

Photos and images

The use of images and photos in sliders is also very common. Sometimes a picture conveys thousands of words of information; Therefore, it is very important to use beautiful and high quality photos that are related to the subject of the site or related to what you want to convey to the audience. With these sliders and flipping through photos at the beginning of the site, the user can better communicate with you and your business and your field of activity.

User guidance: One of the applications of the slider

Another important application of sliders is fast user guidance. By placing various links or buttons, you can suggest important pages of the website that the user is more likely to refer to. The user can be easily transferred to the desired page by clicking on one of the texts or buttons embedded in the slider.

Familiarity with business

Showing profiles and resumes is another use of sliders in site design. Through these sliders and by flipping through them, a person can become more familiar with the staff or the work environment of the website owner. A resume is one of the ways to create a sense of trust in the viewer because most people want to see the faces of the people they are going to work with and this way they will feel more confident.

Improve user experience

The slider makes the site design easier, which means that the site is easier for the audience to use. Because with the design of the slider in different parts of the site, related content is categorized and browsing related content and photos becomes easier for the user, and therefore the user’s satisfaction and user experience will increase.

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