Well, as you read in the previous part, we know that breadcrumbs help users find the main branches faster. You also know that in web design, we have two types of breadcrumbs, which are:

  • Breadcrumbs designed based on the structure and hierarchy of groupings
  • Breadcrumbs give the user a history of browsing the pages

Breadcrumbs and Google (Impact on Website SEO)

It is interesting to know that Google search detects the presence of breadcrumb on the website through its coding structure and categorizes its posts.

In April 2015, Google announced a breakthrough in mobile search. One of these changes was that if the breadcrumb structure was designed for a site, when searching by mobile, instead of the web address (URL) of that page, the breadcrumb menu of that page is displayed. Of course, at the moment this only happens when searching via mobile.

Things to know about breadcrumb in website design

  • Breadcrumbs are usually placed horizontally at the top of the page. Vertical breadcrumb design is also possible but less commonly used.
  • According to the principles of routing, breadcrumb affects the behavior of users on the website, which is considered by search engines.
  • Breadcrumb chains should naturally be part of the design and perfectly coordinate with it and not be seen as an additional element on the store site.
  • Always display the path completely and always start the path from the Home page. This is what users expect.
  • Use the “>” symbol as a separator between elements. Of course, any other symbol can be used, but users are more accustomed to this symbol.
  • Do not place breadcrumb on the home screen; Why this is completely meaningless.
  • Highlight the last item in the breadcrumb menu more prominently so that the user knows this is the page they are on.
  • Breadcrumb is a chain of links that show the exact location of the user on the site. Note that each element of this chain must be related to a level and part of the site, and all of them except the last element must be a link and clickable so that the user can enter the desired level by clicking on each. Otherwise, it will be useless for the user and will not have a positive result in terms of store SEO.

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