Breadcrumb is the name given to the user chain management system on websites. Using this element when designing a website allows the user to know at any time during the presence of the website where the site is located and the relationship of the page where it is located with the top pages (in the categories of each product ). What is the importance of Breadcrumb in designing store websites and how to create a sense of satisfaction in the user is one of the important issues that we will address in this article.


If you are curious about the name of this navigation system on the website, we must say that the phrase Breadcrumb is taken from the old story of Hansel and Gretel written by the Grimm brothers. In one part of the story, Hansel drops bread crumbs on his way to the forest to find his way home. Birdcrumbs in SEO have the same meaning as in the same story; In this way, they help users find their way in different categories and groups and easily enter previous groups.

Using crumbs in designing online store sites

In the absence of a breadcrumbs in the design of e-commerce websites when the user is on the product page, it may be difficult to return to the previous menu or higher category. In these cases, users must use other methods; For example, enter the main branches or search the site again, which will certainly not be very pleasant for them. For example, suppose you are redirected to the page of a product after searching for the phrase “laptop bag“.

Products> Digital Products> Laptop> Laptop Accessories> Laptop Bag

Two types of crumb board are used in store website design

  • Breadcrumb designed based on the structure and hierarchy of groupings in the online store
  • Breadcrumb Gives the user a history of browsing pages

Structure and hierarchy of groupings

The first type of Breadcrumb system, which is designed based on the hierarchy of pages, allows the user to enter the main categories (top hierarchy) and also to know at any time where the website is located. Suppose someone on Google searches for the phrase “Samsung 2021 phones” and enters one of the websites. If he/she does not like the phones that are shown to him and wants to join a higher group, such as the “mobile” group or even the “digital devices” group, how should he/she do this? This is where the importance of these types of breadcrumb systems comes into play.

History of browsing pages

Some also use the second type of breadcrumb in web design, which is based on the system of routes previously created by the user on the website. These types of Breadcrumb allow the user to go to previous pages that he has browsed; Even if these pages are not part of the product categories. If we want to explain this system very simply, we must say that this type of Breadcrumb does the same thing that the “Back” button does in browsers. Also, since this type of navigation system is created based on the user’s browsing history, they are never considered by search engines. Therefore, they will not have any positive effect on the store SEO process.

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