When talking to others, in addition to talking, we do other things such as laughing, pointing, looking, getting angry, and so on. All of this works to connect us with the audience, and sometimes we say a lot of things with something other than language. A web design should also be able to convey the web designer’s feelings in addition to conveying the content. Colors do this in web design. A sense of violence, love, happiness or even trust is induced in the viewer through colors.

Examples of color combinations and their meanings in website design

White and green combination

Green and white combine well. But in Japan, a hundred white feathers is a symbol of death, and in China, a green hat means a woman betrays her husband. A green hat with white carnations can not be a sign of beauty for a company logo. Although green is a soothing color (which is why it is used in hospitals), green is also easier to analyze in the human eye than other colors. Different combinations of green give different meanings. The combination of green and yellow is the least popular among viewers.


Red is used to increase blood pressure and heart rate. People who work in the red usually work faster, but they make more mistakes than others. This color increases inner desires such as appetite, restlessness and nervous tension. Creating a website with two colors, pale blue and pale red, is a very weak idea.

Red and blue combination

Light red has the longest wavelength and light blue has the shortest. When looking at these two colors, the eye lens resizes to adjust the zoom. But because the color frequencies of these two colors are very different, it causes eye fatigue and causes headaches for the viewer. So combining these two colors in site design is not a good option.

Blue and white combination

Sites that use different shades of blue or blue and white look more popular than others. Why ?

Blue offers peace, steadfastness, hope, and wisdom and generosity. People instinctively trust blue sites faster. Blue texts are more memorable in people’s minds. The combination of blue, white and purple creates decency and originality in the human mind.


There are not many yellow sites. Although yellow is a sign of focus, yellow is a sensual and eye-catching color, and its use in a small amount will be very attractive and pleasing.


Let’s talk a little bit about orange, orange makes expensive goods look good and suitable in the eyes of people. Brighter orange is harder to see. Not recommended as text and page background. But using this color in small amounts, ie light orange in the design of the site can help you design a happy and hearty site.

Action and reaction

Color affects our senses, our perceptions and our reactions. A viewer has entered your site with an awareness, now you have to keep him excited.

We have 8 to 10 seconds to visualize him. By using color, you can instill a sense of welcome, comfort and trust in the viewer. If you change the graphics of a site, you have basically changed the language of the video chat, and this is how the site visitor will react differently.

Sites that are so-called colorful sites and have used all kinds of colors have the shortest visit time by viewers and the viewer leaves these sites very quickly. Because the eye zooms in to see different colors and gets tired quickly.

Of course, sites where white is predominant and very few other colors can be seen in various sections do not fall into this category.

The lower the number of colors, the longer the visitor stays on the page. One tip for using different colors is to use a maximum of 5 colors and use them all warm or cold colors and leave the background white.

Some warm and cool colors in site design

Warm colors consist of: yellow, orange, brown, yellow, semi-light green, orange, red.

Cool colors are: blue, dark green, pink, purple, blue, magenta, blue, dark red.

We hope you design more attractive websites by combining the right colors in your website design.

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