At this time, we want to talk about the features of a good website.

Different parts of a website

  • Website design: which includes graphic sections, menus, colors, etc.
  • Website contents: which includes the content, information and products introduced on the site.
  • Website performance: The next item that shows how the site interacts with users and what services the website provides to users and whether this website meets the needs of users or not?
  • Activity of the website: which includes the quality of the site in relation to user interaction, usefulness of the site menus and content

Let us now examine each of the above.

Website design and graphics

The design or layout of the site is the same as the graphic part of the site and the appearance of the site. Here the site designer decides where to use what color or what texts to use and … The graphic design of the site should be chosen so that it is attractive to the user and have a sense of beauty. In site design, the site designer must know exactly what color to use and what photos to use. All this content is directly related to the subject of the site. In fact, everything we do in site design should be based on the purpose of the site.

Website content

All the content within the site, as well as the photos and videos that are on the site, are named as the contents of that site, and these contents must be presented based on the same subject of the site. In some cases, we need to use people to produce content and write it on the site. In fact, content is the basic principle of a site and we should know that this is the content that reigns in a site. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and … are very sensitive to this principle. Therefore, we must be very careful in writing the content of the site. Content has a great impact on SEO.

Website performance

Website designers should pay attention to these points in creating and building the website to design the performance of the site based on key points and SEO as well as optimization as well as the functional features of the site.

In previous years, the use of animations and flashes for more interaction was common, but today there is no need for these heavy graphic designs and it is better to use coding and new features in front-end programming of web design such as CSS, CSS3, etc. Let’s use. Today, flash and animation are not recognized by search engines, and this affects the SEO of the site and it is better not to use flash graphic designs on the site.

Activity and usability of the website

The capabilities of the site can be better understood by its users and are mostly experimental, for example:

  • Is this site what the site is about in terms of appearance?
  • Are the menus user-friendly?
  • Load rule is 10 seconds on the site (loading less than 10 seconds)
  • Are all the menus and programs on the site working properly?
  • And….

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