In today’s world, websites are one of the best and most reputable businesses. As far as you can rarely see a business that has not used this opportunity to be seen more. These virtual pages can easily introduce your business to different parts of the world without the need to spend exorbitant costs.

A closer look at this shows that sites are divided into different types for better performance. This division, which is based on appearance, content and design features, groups the sites into several types of news, stores, companies, etc. What you read in this article is a summary of the features and differences between an E-Commerce site and a corporate site:

Definition of E-Commerce Website

Due to the advancement of technology and the widespread human use of the world of technology, websites have received more attention than ever before. On the other hand, the time consuming in-person shopping and the unavailability of stores in our city and place of residence have made us prefer online shopping to face-to-face shopping.

Store sites have made this process easier and more attractive to users. These types of websites are stores that can be purchased in a short time with just a few clicks.

The most important feature of a store website

One of the factors influencing the success of businesses is the way they are introduced, which is largely related to their store site. Store sites should be attractive to their specific audience in terms of textual and visual content, web design, and so on. In fact, a site should have a set of features to stand out from its competitors:

Simplicity in design

What is most important in the design of a store site is its ease of use. If the user can not communicate with the site environment and encounters difficulties in searching for the product, he prefers to choose another site to buy. Therefore, this factor will be very effective in attracting the audience.

Store security

The amount of trust that users gain in the online store will be an excuse to attract regular customers. Purchasing from the online store requires entering the details of the bank account information.

Therefore, one of the most important features of store sites is the security of the gateways to the banking system. The online store must be trusted by the customer; Therefore, in order to increase the security of the site, the owners of these sites must activate security features such as SSL certificate, firewall and authentication system.

Online communication with the customer

In addition to the security, simplicity and attractiveness of the store site, customer relationship should also be considered for store sites. The user must be able to express their ambiguities during the purchase through communication with the operator. If this department operates poorly, it will lose the trust of its customers.

Product quality, timely payment, creating a list of popular goods and up-to-date offers are other features of a standard store site that will ensure the success of your business.

Definition of Corporate Website

So far, the topic of store site features has been introduced. In the following, for a better understanding of the difference between an e-commerce website and a corporate site, the features of the corporate site will be introduced.

Every company needs to introduce itself to its competitors and customers in order to progress. Company websites will be a good platform to introduce companies, their goals, services and products. The design and textual and visual content of these sites will be far more professional than store sites.

Company websites will represent the credibility and value of that company’s business. Nowadays, every person searches the web for information about a company. Therefore, companies that make the best use of the technology world to introduce themselves will be more successful than other companies.

The most important features of a corporate website

Corporate websites, like other websites, need to have their own set of principles and standards. Attractive appearance and rich content are two important features that should be considered in building a corporate site. In other words, the appearance, layout and content of the site should be designed in such a way as to keep the mind of the audience on that page.

The page layout should be easy to put together. A clear summary of the company’s activities and contact information should be on the home page and in front of the audience. The audience should not have difficulty accessing this information.

Respecting customer feedback and staying in touch with them through telephone answering is an important factor to consider on reputable corporate websites. Other technical features such as high site speed, strong technical support, choosing the right domain for the type of business and compatibility with most browsers should also be considered for a professional corporate site.

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