In the past decades, artificial intelligence has quickly penetrated all corners of our lives and has shown its importance in various fields. One of the fields that artificial intelligence has greatly influenced is UX Writing. Today, artificial intelligence tools play a very important role in improving the process of preparing user experience texts and optimizing user experience.

In this article, we will review 5 artificial intelligence tools for UX Writing. Tools that help UX writers (experienced writers) and product designers improve the user experience to a new and attractive level by benefiting from advanced features.

1. Frontitude

An essential part of user experience design is writing user experience scripts. From call-to-action buttons to error messages, the words you choose have a direct and profound impact on the user experience. Frontitude comes up with an innovative solution: a UX writing assistant that connects directly to Figma software.

As you know, Figma software is one of the most famous UI/UX design tools. For this reason, the existence of such a plugin, which is both based on artificial intelligence and runs directly in Figma, is a great advantage for designers and UX writers. This important feature makes the teamwork process easier. For this reason, Frontitude is an essential addition to the Figma software.

Frontitude fee

The free version of Frontitude allows you to use 2 editors, 3 projects, and up to 50 copy components.

For the paid version, you can choose to pay monthly or annually. For large organizations, Frontitude has made it possible to create a customized package for all the needs of the organization.

2. is another artificial intelligence tool that is used in one of the most important stages of research for writing UX texts, that is, interviewing users. Interviewing users is a critical step. However, collecting and analyzing a large amount of information is a complex task. collects and records important notes and points during user interviews to ensure no important ideas are missed. This AI tool is especially useful for virtual and online meetings, allowing the UX writer to focus on the flow of the conversation rather than taking notes. The capabilities of this tool go beyond writing notes. analyzes data and extracts meaningful information. These capabilities make the information review process faster and more effective.

Let’s say you are designing an online course platform and you are conducting interview sessions with users to better understand the needs of students. types interviews in real time so that no important information is missed. After the end of the interview, the UX writer uses the search function of this tool and finds the main and important points.

The cost of

The free version of provides limited credit and 800 minutes of storage space. The paid version of has monthly or yearly payment options. For more information, visit

3. Prowriting

Another tough challenge in writing UX content is maintaining consistency and quality of content, especially when there is a time constraint. Prowriting tool solves this problem using artificial intelligence technology. This tool allows UIX Writer to produce high-quality, tailored user experience texts.

Prowriting’s artificial intelligence produces microcopy that is not only grammatically correct but also attractive and understandable to users. Also, Prowriting has a powerful grammar correction tool that gives the UX writer the confidence that the UX text is free of any grammatical mistakes.

Prowriting fee

Prowriting offers different pricing plans for different needs. Currently, the cost of using Prowriting is set at ten dollars per month per user. For more details on pricing, you can visit the Prowriting website.

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is another popular AI tool used by UX designers and experienced writers in many areas, from planning research projects to creating content for pages. ChatGPT uses natural language processing (NLP) to help content writers prepare user interview questions or generate microcopy.

ChatGPT fee

ChatGPT has two different plans: free and paid.

The free version of ChatGPT is available for everyone. However, this version has limited resources and may be slow to respond at times.

The subscription version of ChatGPT is available for $20 per month. ChatGPT Plus subscription includes benefits such as faster access and support.

5. UXsquid

UXsquid is another comprehensive tool for user experience research (UX research). The tool provides sample interview questions, ready-made templates, and a helpful directory for UX designers and experienced writers. Using UXsquid, UX writers can conduct research and interviews, analyze feedback, and make necessary improvements to their website or product user experience scripts. Also, UXsquid provides a full research report with comprehensive data and recommendations.

UXsquid fee

UXsquid, like other tools, has both free and non-free versions. The free and trial version of this tool allows the UX writer to interview up to 5 interviewees for one project. It also provides a summary of the UX research analysis.

The non-free versions are suitable for all types of businesses of various scales, including small, medium, and large businesses, and include more features.


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