People who are new to programming usually have a question on their minds when they start. What is the system required for programming? These people are worried that their current hardware may not meet their programming needs. Of course, it’s best to determine in what areas you like to program first. In general, programming is divided into 3 parts: mobile, web and desktop. Of course, this division is relative and programming is present in other places, but the main market is these three areas. In the following, we will examine the system required for mobile and web programming in a specialized way, and we will also suggest some suitable hardware and laptops.

System required for mobile programming

Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. Thanks to advances in technology, mobile phones have evolved from a means of communication to a small portable computer. Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems in smartphones, accounting for more than 80% of the mobile market. After the widespread presence of Android and the development of iPhones, mobile programming entered a new section.

Android programmers need an advanced and professional computer because they use Android Studio. Android Studio development environment will require more hardware resources due to its various capabilities. You also need to learn the Swift programming language and Xcode development environment to build iOS apps. You will also usually use a simulator to test your applications, which requires a lot of hardware resources. The hardware that we introduce below will bring you a pleasant user experience:

  • Processor: Intel i5 or i7 with a minimum frequency of 2 to 2.5 GHz
  • Cache (RAM): At least 8 GB and preferably 16 GB
  • Hard disk: A normal HDD is enough, but preferably an SSD with a capacity of 120 or 256 GB
  • Graphics card: Use Nvidia graphics at least 940MX and preferably Nvidia GTX 1060

A good, high-quality monitor can make programming more enjoyable. Android Studio will have a better display on large monitors due to its various windows and sections. We recommend using a 22-inch or larger monitor with Full HD resolution. You should also not forget that your bridge to the computer is a keyboard and mouse. Choosing a good keyboard can make writing your code easier. We suggest using soft and smooth keyboards. The LED Backlight also helps you have a good view of the keyboard at night and easily type your code. Selecting a mouse is not as important and sensitive as the keyboard, and you can choose a regular or advanced mouse depending on your taste. Preferably use mice that fit the size of your hand to move more easily between different parts of your program.

System required for web programming

Today, web design and programming is one of the most popular jobs in the world. In recent years, with the improvement of Internet infrastructure in the world, a suitable platform for launching Internet businesses has been provided. Many large and lucrative businesses around the world now rely on the Internet, and disrupting the Internet can cause serious problems in people’s daily lives. Many companies need web experts and programmers, which is why the web programming market has been hot in the world for a long time.

You do not need very powerful hardware for web programming. With an old computer, a browser and a plain text editor, you can also design your own web pages. Programming with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and libraries such as Jquery and server-side languages such as PHP can be done with simple hardware and does not require powerful hardware resources. The following hardware is sufficient to build simple web pages:

  • Processor: Intel Celeron
  • RAM: 1 or 2 GB
  • Hard: It does not matter
  • Graphics: You do not need

So if you are new to web programming, you do not need to worry about your hardware. But you know, over time, web design tools have become very widespread. For example, many designers use Photoshop to design their pages. Or many web developers use integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Jetbrains PHPStorm, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. to write their code. We also know that professional sites are not limited to HTML and CSS, and programmers may want to combine several technologies, frameworks, libraries, and other tools into one web project. So in this case we will need a more advanced system.

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