Why should you learn PHP programming language? What makes PHP important and different in the world of programming? How is the PHP marketer in the world? How much is the income of someone fluent in PHP programming language? What skills should a PHP developer have? If someone is planning to migrate, is learning PHP a good choice?

There are different programming languages and each has its characteristics. Some programming languages are specialized and are not used except in specific cases. Someone who wants to enter the world of programming should determine which language or languages they want to learn and why?

PHP programming language is one of the most powerful and important programming languages. But whether PHP is a suitable language for all those who want to get into programming professionally and earn money from it, depends on the answers to the questions raised above. No matter what your education is and why you want to know about the PHP programmer job market and income in the world, this article will guide you and give you the information you need to make a decision.

Job market and PHP income in the world

Before I talk about the market and income of a PHP programmer, it is better to introduce it very briefly and say why it is an important language. PHP is an open-source, server-side, and multi-purpose language. The first use of PHP language is for the development of back-end sites. All PHP code is processed on the server. This language has a very important feature that makes it a very suitable option for website development, and that is that PHP codes can be placed or written inside HTML codes, and both codes run without any problems.

But I must add that PHP is not the only application for back-end site development. PHP is indeed known as a server-side language, but other things can be done with PHP. If the programmer is very good at PHP, he can also design desktop applications using PHP-GTK (which is an extension for PHP). It means that it is not possible to design user interfaces, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), and generally things related to the user side with PHP.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that the applications of PHP are much less compared to a powerful language like Python. But still, the server-side language of almost 80% of the world’s websites (including Facebook, Wikipedia, and content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla) is PHP, and this means that there is work for someone who knows this language.

PHP is a language that can be learned quickly. That is, it is not such a difficult language. PHP has very good frameworks that make coding easier and faster for programmers.

Marketer and PHP programmer income in the world

It should be considered that in today’s busy world, businesses want a skilled workforce. It means that it is not enough for a programmer to know only PHP. If someone wants to work as a backend programmer or backend engineer, in addition to mastering the PHP language, he must also have a good knowledge of backend frameworks and databases. The backend developer is responsible for everything related to the server and the server side of the site. The average annual salary of a back-end programmer in the United States is 134,000 dollars, in England, it is 68,000 pounds, and in Germany, it is 79,000 euros. If you search for the job title of Backend Engineer on the Indeed site, you will find 21,000 job opportunities.

Another very good job opportunity for a PHP developer is to work as a Full Stack Developer. Full Stack Developer is a programmer who can do both user-side and server-side coding. So, the programmer needs more skills and in addition to mastering PHP & HTML, he must at least master important server-side languages such as CSS & JavaScript as well as work with databases. The annual salary of a full-stack developer in the United States is 108,000 dollars, in England, it is 56,000 pounds, and in Germany, it is 63,000 euros. If you search for Full Stack Developer on Indeed, you will find 28,000 job opportunities.

Finally, if a PHP developer is only proficient in PHP, there is still a job opportunity and good income for him. The annual salary of a PHP Developer in America is 108 thousand dollars, in England, it is 40 thousand pounds and in Germany, it is 60 thousand euros. The number of job opportunities for PHP programmers on the Indeed site is also 9 thousand.


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