If you feel frustrated because of your sales rate, for example, the ratio of site traffic to actual sales, you are definitely not alone. In online shopping web design, you should pay attention to points in order to satisfy customers. We help you identify where you may have gone wrong and how to increase your chances of converting your sales; We help.

POP-UPS and forms

While pop-ups are great for offering discounts and collecting data, asking for a lot of information (or email sign-ups) as soon as someone enters your page can be quite annoying and can cause Even the audience leaves the site.

In addition, you need to make sure that your pop-ups are displayed correctly on your mobile, so be sure to test your site on all devices.

If you want to have offers and sign-ups using pop-ups, note that scheduling is very important. Let your users see your products first and then offer an offer. When a brand wants information from a new visitor, always give them a chance to decide if they like your offer first.

When asking for personal information, consider the minimum so that you can have a useful database for your business. Asking too many questions can prevent users from visiting.

Figure and image

If your website is the main source of your business, make sure it graphically represents exactly what you want, depict purchases or engagement processes, and that professional photography is a must when presenting products in this business! For online retailers, for example in the fashion industry, clothing worn by models has a higher sales rate than clothing displayed on pendants or plain images (meaning photos taken on the ground).

Before shopping online, the consumer wants to see several photos, so do not be ashamed to upload a variety of beautiful photos. The more photos, the better in most cases and the greater the impact on sales.

Do not leave unanswered any questions about the purchase process. Having a graphic that shows the process from contacting you to receiving their goods can be very effective and great in increasing your online sales.

Finally, try to be genuine in relation to the visibility of your website. Avoid excessive images as much as you can. You do not want your customers to see the same image on your competitor’s site.

For example, this can often happen in the beauty industry with public beauty photos. Avoid clichés and cheap and handy options as much as you can and use more valuable and attractive things.

Call for action

If you are in the business of plumbing, for example, your customers will probably want to contact you immediately. The same is true of door-to-door food delivery. Having a “Call Now” button is a must for your business, and it brings convenience to your customer. So consider it in designing your website.

Email forms do not simply interrupt in this environment. Live contact buttons in the title, pop-up online chat and more details (email and address) in the subtitle are among the ideal items for your site. You can use all three of these in designing a store site to maximize your call opportunity and increase your sales rate.

In short, provide multiple calling opportunities for your visitors. These days, consumers are not just writing numbers with pencil and paper, so make sure they can connect directly to you with a single click on your number.

Certificates and reviews

Do you want to have a trusting relationship with your potential customers? Even when you do not have a face-to-face relationship with them? Online reviews are a raw way to learn about services, just as users who hide their true identities often provide honest feedback!

If you want to know information about your customers and share their experiences with future customers, offer them a feedback form or review page. You can choose what you share on your page and equip your potential with a deeper insight into your business factors such as customer service, purchase time and costs, product or service quality. Not only do these work great on social media, they also add a human factor to your page.

Do not be ashamed to share your statistics!

Cancel the purchase at the payment stage

One of the biggest problems for online shoppers is filling out shopping forms. Returning customers while they have forgotten their password is another problem that prevents them from making a purchase.

This is the fastest way to lose sales and give it to a competitor! The suggested solution is to use the guest option in designing the site for first time users and returning users.

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