The most important thing in web design is the simplicity and smoothness of its work procedure. In other words, if you want to design a professional and attractive website, you need to use the facilities carefully. If you implement all the features and capabilities you know in one website, you will most likely have a crowded and cluttered page. Such a site makes users run away. Excessive use of even good features can have unintended consequences.

Internet users are often in a hurry and want to find what they are looking for quickly. At this time, the congestion of the web pages confuses them and forces them to leave your site quickly. At this time you will face an increase in your bounce rate and it will be difficult for you to find the cause.

What is your solution to this problem? How to clean web pages from extra and inefficient information?

Move towards user satisfaction!

Simple and minimalist design (Minimalism) has gained many fans in recent years. In this design, users can follow their requests away from any annoying information and find the results they want more quickly. As a result, they become more interested in your website and visit it more often.

If we want to examine the reason for the success of this design style, we will see the attention of two factors, transparency and simplicity. Minimal design indicates your attention to user satisfaction and increases your score against competitors.

Be careful not to overlook effective sales and marketing tools when clearing your website of inefficient information!

Steps of pop-up development on sites!

Pop Up is a separate page from the website that is used to display content to the user. Years ago, web developers learned about the benefits of this feature and applied it to their pages. Pop-ups were often used to display important and necessary content for the user without changing the structure of the website. But over time, some profiteers used Pop Up as a propaganda tool. In a way, most sites were full of pop-up pages and annoyed users. At this time, Google sponsored Internet users to step into the arena and announced his unbridled pop-up advertising sites that have a lot in its place ranking in the SERP will face a decline.

But at that time no one knew what features a popular pop-up should have for users and Google? Didn’t web developers know that using pop-ups to invite newsletters, announce new articles, and display new discounts was the right solution, or would it cause new hassles?

Join us to learn about pop-up conditions in recent years and learn ways to use it effectively!

Pop-up models

Pop-ups have three models depending on the location on the site:


It must have happened many times that as soon as you enter a site, small boxes will open in the corners of the page and display different contents. This is the most common way to use pop-ups on the web.


Some pop-ups fill the entire page as soon as you enter the website, and to view the content of the site, you must first close them.

Notification Bar

Some sites place bars at the top or bottom of their page to inform the user of their content.

It is important to know that using pop-ups on site pages is not necessarily wrong, and it is the way it is used that determines its value. The most important criteria for scoring a pop-up are the quality of the content displayed in it and the user’s access to the main content of the site.

The advantages of using pop-ups on the website correctly

Over the years, we have become so pessimistic about pop-ups that we think using them under any circumstances will make Google angry. But the reality is something else! If you learn how to use this attractive feature properly and follow the rules of Google, great and exciting results will be waiting for you.

Draw attention

In today’s modern world, most users do not have enough time to browse the sites and may miss important news. But the use of small, pop-up windows can draw attention to important information.

From a cognitive perspective

Colorful images and attractive effects are the first things that affect the human eye. Pop-up windows with visual appeal can quickly attract users to themselves.


You can use pop-ups to display various content such as newsletter subscriptions or exceptional discounts. In addition, they can be activated at the moment of entering the site or after scrolling and even when users leave the site to receive the necessary interest.

Simple and tidy design

In the continuation of the contents stated at the beginning of the article, about designing simple and smooth pages, using pop-ups, reduces the congestion of the site pages and only the main and important contents are placed in the center of the website.

Conversion rate growth

According to an experiment conducted by a reputable website in the field of site design, with the aim of investigating the effects of pop-ups on customer conversion rates; Getting help from Pop Up increases the conversion rate by up to 3%. The website also states that if you design these attractive windows correctly and build them carefully, the possibility of increasing the conversion rate of customers will increase by up to 9%.

Prohibitions on the use of pop-ups on mobile

In the Webmaster Blog Help section, Google urges website developers and programmers to provide pop-up ads in a targeted manner and personalize them for users so as not to annoy website visitors. In addition, there are heavy fines for using mobile pop-ups in the following conditions that you should avoid:

  • Pop-ups that appear immediately after entering the site page and confuse users.
  • Pop-ups that hide the main content of the site and prevent the user from accessing the site page.
  • Pop-ups that cover the entire page space.

Important rules for the useful use of pop-ups

The following rules are in line with Google standards and compliance with them will increase your website’s conversion rate and the favorable results obtained from the pop-up.

  1. Use targeted pop-ups and release these small windows if you do not have important content. Using them aimlessly will cause users to lose trust in your website.
  2. Choose a look that matches your website to determine if it belongs to the same family.
  3. The content inside the pop-up, like its appearance, should be related to the content of the site page.
  4. Be sure to consider responsive design for pop-ups!
  5. Provide an exit route for users to close the pop-up window if needed.
  6. Try not to put pop-ups on the first page of the site and allow users to check and view the site. Let them want to see more content from your website. Then enable pop-up.
  7. The minimum time you are allowed to activate the pop-up is approximately 5 seconds after the visitor enters the website.
  8. Express the desired content clearly and using short and simple sentences.
  9. The link inside the pop-up window should be available to users.
  10. Do not harass users when they receive information and just receive its email address.
  11. Notes listed on the Prohibition of the Use pop-up Mobile mentioned in the previous section do not forget.
  12. There is no reason for mobile and desktop pop-ups to be the same, and you can design each one individually.
  13. If you want to focus all your attention on pop-up content, place it in the center of the page.
  14. If you do not have very important content to display to the user, place a pop-up window in the margins of the page.
  15. For discount offers or festivals, it is better to use Sticky Bar instead of Pop Up.
  16. Personalize your pop-ups by recognizing the needs of the user so that users are more interested in them.
  17. Do not use duplicate pop-ups on different pages of the site.
  18. If the pop-up was closed once by the user, do not display it again on separate pages.


Providing valuable and useful content for site users makes it necessary to use pop-ups. You can also use this feature to increase site visitors. Of course, it is better to specify the important elements of the pop-up, including appearance, content, CTA, place and time of its display using trial and error, so that when displaying it, users do not just want to get rid of it.

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