Today, for the development of a business, branding must be done and one of the ways to brand is to have a website, which due to the expansion of the web world, and turning most of the guilds and businesses to the web world, having a site with the best features is a priority to succeed in this market.

Choosing the right font for web design is one of the most important things to have a site with the best features.

There are many factors involved in designing a great site, such as beautiful website graphics, quality images, fonts, and so on.

Font is one of the most important factors in website design that seems insignificant to many people.

Choosing the right site design font will greatly affect the appearance of your site. In this digital world, if you can not have an optimized site, you will soon lose your customers and your credibility will be lost.

Unfortunately, many brand and website owners use people who are experts in the field of development but do not pay attention to the font of the site and are unaware of it.

The most important font features suitable for web design

How to choose the right font for designing a site is not a complicated and difficult task, and with a little creativity and considering important and relevant factors, you can easily choose a suitable font for your site.

Observing these important points for choosing a font will also be effective in your SEO.

Appropriate font and related to the type of business

The type of font you choose depends on the type of your business. For example, for industrial work, special graphic fonts should not be used and simple fonts should be used more.

The most important Google fonts in site design are Yatra One, Arvo, Lato and so on.

The selected font should be legible and beautiful and establish a close relationship with the user.

Also, every company has rules that the designer observes in all his works, such as logo, font, size, template color and text color, etc., which must be considered in choosing the font. Do not forget that the font of your site is the dress of your website.

In general, to choose a font, pay attention to the psychology of fonts, because each font has a special effect on people’s thoughts, feelings and psyche. So be careful not to use the wrong font.

Use secure fonts

Safe font means a font that the user does not have to install a special font on his system to visit your site. To ensure the security of the desired font, use Google fonts that can be displayed in any browser.

Do not use custom fonts to choose the right website font because it is challenging for site designers and may not work properly on different web browsers.

Font size

The selected font size should not be too large or too small, as it will irritate the user’s eyes.

The designed site must be responsive and have an optimal and compatible mode in all digital devices. Naturally, the appropriate font for site design must also be responsive. To do this, you need to check the responsiveness of your site for different devices and make sure of this.

By default, a 16-pixel font is a good choice for mobile, but it still needs to be checked on all devices.

The font size in the headings section should be larger to attract the user’s attention, smaller fonts should be used in the subtitles.

Words that are anchored and linked to other pages are displayed in a different color so that the user notices the link.

Use the bold feature for keywords to get attention.

Pay attention to the space between letters, words and lines so that they are not too close together or separated.

The more appropriate distance and size are selected, the more readability.

Font color

The color of the font chosen in the design of the site should be in a way that matches the organizational color of your company and site to help the beauty of your site. You can use the second color, the organizational color of your site, for some parts of the site text, such as anchor texts, to make it more attractive, and also observing these small issues will have a good effect on the reader’s mind.

The next issue with proper website design font color is that colors with higher color density load faster and increase site speed.

Last word

In general, choosing the right font for site design is one of the beauty features of a website and should be considered. Because it will have a big impact on your site traffic. Also, if Google does not consider your site font suitable for mobile or monitor, it will consider a negative score for you and will cause a decrease in your ranking and will have a negative impact on your SEO.

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