When designing an E-Commerce website and after, there are points that are effective in increasing the success rate and conversion rate of the website. Therefore, before creating an online business and designing a store website, it is necessary to fully consider the factors that can affect the conversion rate of the store. If you have an online business experience, you have probably tried many factors on your site to increase visitors and buyers. Factors such as changing the location of product photos on the site, changing the headlines, buttons and much more. If you do not see any change in these factors, then you should know that there are more serious problems that have caused the failure of your store website.

In this article, we will try to suggest some of these problems and solutions to solve them. You can also use these items to design the site of the new online store and the store that you currently have:

Failure to review the result of changes

You do not need to use very complex systems to test, measure and evaluate the impact that each change has on the conversion rate of the store website. Even with a simple Excel file or even plain paper and pen, many changes can be tracked. The important thing is to make the changes consciously and then wait for the results. Check the results, ie instantly check your website in terms of traffic (number of visitors) and conversion rate (ratio between buyer to visitor).

One thing to keep in mind when designing a store site and beyond is that there is always a way to increase sales; Even if it reduces traffic or visitors. (Traffic conversion rate priority)

Large images

For example, in most cases, enlarging the product photo will probably reduce the number of visitors to your store website. This is because the larger and better the image, the larger the volume, and this reduces the loading speed of the web design. Reducing site loading speed in most cases significantly reduces site traffic. On the other hand, bigger and higher quality photos attract customers to your site who are looking for more information and a better image of the product, and the larger the photos, the more motivation to buy in this category of customers.

Wrong choice of background color

Colors have psychologically proven effects on enhancing or reducing some emotions in humans. We suggest you read the article on the psychology of color in website design. Certainly the effect of color on creating the initial feeling of the user when he first enters a website is undeniable. For example, designing a store site based on the blue color of the pages and the white background color for the location of the text and description of the website, is a common and effective way to create a sense of security and ease of use on the website.

Simple-Bright alongside Main-Middle

One of the methods is designing a site with prominent but simple and bright color spectrum among the main and middle colors, which has been successful both psychologically and without causing fatigue in users. In any case, if your store website has little success, one of the problems you can check is how to choose the background colors of the site.

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