Color and chromatography are very important in web design and those who are proficient in chromatics concepts and chromatographic theories can have very good designs. In this article, you will learn how to use colors correctly so that you can do a more beautiful design.

Many webmasters who have just started their work may have trouble choosing colors in web design and have doubts about which color to choose. Here are some basic colorimetry concepts as well as ready-made tools they help you choose the color. We make your job easier.

What is color theory?

Color theory includes several different topics, but its initial topic is related to the study of the effect of color combinations, contrast and vibration and oscillation between colors. We will examine each of these three topics, respectively.


Combination means to examine the relationship of the desired color with other colors and see what colors can be combined with each other. Color combination is very important, especially when you use several different colors in your design.


Proper contrast or contrast makes the eyes do not get tired when viewing the effect and also can pay attention to the right parts. The right contrast is that you can create a good color contrast between the text and the background so that users can read texts more easily. Pay attention to the photos below.

Vibration and oscillation

The fluctuation of a design makes your design feel, its bright colors make your design give more energy to the user, and this feature allows you to use bright colors in your ads so that the user can see your ads with more energy, but Dark colors make the user feel numb and the user’s mind goes in other directions.

Color selection aids

Fortunately, there are many tools to help you practice color theory. Check out these pre-made color palettes so you don’t have to start over.

Adobe Color CC

This tool was formerly known as Kuler and is one of the most reputable color aid tools available.


If you need a tool for speed or ease of use, this is the least tool that can help you. Great for beginners

Flat UI Color Picker

While only for Flat UI designs, this tool is still a useful tool for choosing colors.


No one expects you to be Michelangelo, but a basic understanding of the use of color is a prerequisite for web design.

As we explained earlier, colors carry a lot of extra weight that is sometimes overlooked. No matter what colors you choose, they have a definite effect on the design, from communicating with contrast or similarity, to evoking subtle emotions.

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